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Finding the Liable Party in a Commercial Truck Accident

  • When you've been injured by an 18-wheeler, getting your compensation can be complex and stressful. You're injured, and now you're struggling to get the compensation you need because you're not sure who's at fault. That can make an already-painful claim more difficult.

    Fortunately, you don't have to fight alone. If you're not sure who caused your injuries, reach out to a lawyer for help with your claim.

    Employer Liability

    Typically, you might think that the responsible party would be the truck driver. Even if they were responsible for the crash, though, they might not be the party you'll sue for compensation.

    Instead, you may be looking for their employer. Employers are responsible for making sure every employee is properly trained and prepared for the job. That means, if a driver makes a mistake, their employer is likely the responsible party. This is also known as employer liability, and it can change an important part of your claim. If you're not sure who their employer is, you may need help from an attorney.

    Defective Parts

    In some cases, however, the driver might have done nothing wrong. Instead, they lost control of their vehicle and hit you because a part failed—whether that's the brakes, suspension, or steering controls. Unfortunately, this can make it tougher to find the responsible party.

    When a defective part leaves you injured, you'll need to find the manufacturer, which is responsible for making sure all created products are safe. If they fail to do this, they're liable for the costs of your recovery.

    It can be tough to find what part failed or who's responsible for these claims. You may need legal guidance to help you find the right person and seek your compensation.

    Suing the Government

    Sometimes, even the road itself can cause trouble. Standing water, potholes, and road defects can cause any driver to lose control. Despite the safety features put in place, that includes truck drivers, too.

    If your injuries were caused by a road hazard, the department of transportation may be the ones responsible for your injuries. They're supposed to keep the roads safe for all drivers, and if they should have known the road was dangerous, they may be responsible for your accident. Because these claims can be more complex, make sure you speak to your lawyer about what laws you'll need to keep in mind.

    Contact a Truck Accident Attorney for Guidance

    If you're hurt in a commercial truck accident, one of the first steps you'll need to take is to find the responsible party. Unfortunately, that can be complex and confusing. You might have to dig deep to find what, exactly, caused the crash.

    Fortunately, you don't have to seek answers without help. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg are ready to help you, starting with a free consultation. You'll have a chance to sit down with your truck accident lawyer in Milwaukee before you make any decisions about your claim.

    If you're struggling to find the responsible party after a truck crash, reach out for help. Give us a call at 414-271-7007 or check out our site for more information about finding the liable person.