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A Lemon Law Attorney Can Also Be Your PI Attorney

  • When you are facing a difficult time in your life, one of your best resources can be your lawyer. There are a couple of the issues where a great lawyer can benefit you most: (1) if you have purchased a vehicle that doesn’t live up to expectations (a lemon, so to speak) and (2) if you are injured in an accident that wasn’t necessarily your fault. A lawyer who specializes in lemon laws may be beneficial in the first case, while a personal injury attorney is utilized in the second. However, there are some occasions where the same lawyer may be a good choice. Yes, your lemon law attorney can also be your personal injury attorney in certain situations. Let us explain a bit more about the process of choosing a lemon law or personal injury attorney and in what instances utilizing the same lawyer may be a good option.

    Choosing a Lemon Law Attorney


    The Lemon Law, which can vary a bit from state to state, essentially allows the buyer of a car that doesn’t perform up to expectations to receive compensation for their expenses--to replace the vehicle, in most cases. While the lemon law was created with the consumer in mind, many car manufacturers and dealers have legal teams that are focused on saving them money, to the detriment of the consumer.


    If you think you may have a vehicle that would qualify as a “lemon,” hiring an attorney that is experienced with the lemon law is vital. Make sure the lawyer you choose knows the laws in your state and is willing to fight the case all the way to court, if necessary, to get you the compensation you deserve. When you decide to hire a lawyer for your lemon law case, don’t be afraid to contact two or more firms and talk to them about your situation. Sometimes getting a good feel for the attorney can help you make a smart decision.


    Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney


    A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who is trained to help you with a personal injury case. These types of cases could include an on-the-job injury, slip-and-fall or automobile accident, among other possible incidents. Choosing a personal injury attorney is a very delicate matter. After all, you want to work with a lawyer with a high success rate, one who understands your particular type of case and one you feel comfortable working with on a personal level.


    Reading online reviews, asking for advice from family and friends and sitting down for a consultation with a couple of different lawyers are all good ways to help you with this ever-important choice. The main goal is to pick a lawyer that is likely to succeed, but also one that you trust. In doing this, you'll be most likely to be pleased with the results of your case.

    When the Lemon Law and Personal Injury Law Collide


    In most cases, a “lemon” is just a financial burden. You may find yourself in the shop more than should be necessary, or perhaps you have to cut your losses and purchase a different vehicle. While you may deserve compensation, at least no one was hurt. However, there is the occasional instance where a lemon vehicle is the direct or indirect cause of an accident that hurts you or a loved one. In this case, you have not only a lemon law case but a personal injury case on your hands.


    In cases like this, choosing a lawyer who is experienced with both lemon law and personal injury cases is a must.