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How Private Investigators Make or Break Personal Injury Cases

  • There are a lot of factors that are instrumental in case-building. It doesn't get talked about enough but timely and efficient evidence gathering as well as thorough investigation and outside help from Private Investigators does play a vital role. We've asked several experts in this field about how they help with personal injury cases.

    “Hiring a qualified private investigator (PI) is frequently the key to a successful outcome of a personal injury case. Whether the case is a workers compensation claim, vehicle collision, negligence or other personal injury incident; time is of utmost importance. From my law enforcement and private investigative experience, retaining an attorney should be the first priority, a close second is hiring a private investigator. Your PI is your eyes, ears and “boots on the ground”.

    Evidence such as surveillance video, witness accounts and physical evidence have a way of degrading over time. Surveillance cameras are usually on a loop and older video will be lost, witnesses may forget key details and other physical evidence could disappear or be tampered with.

    Your PI is your cases personal detective. They will obtain incident scene photographs and video, accident recreations, witness interviews and statements, public safety personnel interviews and most important, reviewing already completed incident reports from industries and public safety agencies.

    Recently, I worked a personal injury case where a motorcyclist was hit by a national delivery service truck. Witness statements showed all vehicles were traveling the speed limit of 30mph, while the police report indicated the speed limit was 25mph. If this was the circumstance, the injured party might not be compensated for injuries because they were exceeding the speed limit. Thankfully, the attorney for the injured party hired a PI and we were able to prove the officer’s report was incorrect and the speed limit was in fact 30mph at the time of the collision.

    Your private investigator could be the key to a 1 million dollar settlement instead of a $100,000 settlement.”

    -Kevin Anderson

    “A seasoned private investigator, like an experienced attorney, knows the questions to ask witnesses to determine or establish liability for either side of the case. Private Investigators are experts at piecing together small bits of information to present the larger picture for the benefit of your personal injury clients. Finally, our relationships with local police agencies, state offices, and hospitals ensure that we have swift access to the essential evidence your client needs to make their case successful.”

    -Kyle D. Strunk
    Flatirons Private Investigations


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