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Things to Remember before Making a Workman’s Compensation Claim

  • Sure, you have heard of workers comp but do you know the facts related to it? It makes sense to talk to the top workers compensation attorney Macon who has the knowhow before you decide to make a claim.

    Common queries that workers have

    • What is Workers compensation insurance? Is it the same across all States of USA?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system?
    • Is it mandatory for my employer to buy this insurance policy for the employees?
    • Will I be covered by the insurance even, if my job is not really considered to be a high risk one?
    • I work for myself and do not have an employer. Is buying ‘Workers compensation insurance’ compulsory for me as well? 
    • Will my employer inform me of this coverage or should I have to find it out myself?
    • Will my claim be honored automatically or will my employer play the deciding part?
    • How should I proceed, if my employer has not bothered to keep his employees covered by ‘Workers compensation insurance’?
    • I am confused by the terms ‘long term disability’ & ‘sort term disability.’ How can I understand which one is for me?
    • Is the policy still valid, if the business folds up or my employer seeks legal bankruptcy?