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Claim Your Dues By Contacting Workers Comp Lawyers Macon

  • A lot of articles and posts have been written about workplace injuries and compensations that need to be paid to the worker thereof. Sadly, almost no one thinks about the fate of a temporary staff who has to face the same ordeal. The law regarding the status of employees in Georgia is quite clear, however. The compensation depends on the status of the employee predominantly. Since the state recognizes two distinct types of temporary workers, it will help your cause to get in touch with the top experienced workers comp lawyers Macon before you decide to confront your employer.

    Types of short-term workers in Georgia

    Temporary Worker- This type of worker may be employed by a company but is paid by the staffing agency. This leads to utter confusion with neither the employer nor the agency being willing to shoulder the responsibility of carrying out a worker’s compensation plan. The law, however, is clear on this and the ‘Occupational Safety and Health Administration’ directs both the parties to handle the responsibility jointly. You need to inquire about your benefits including the workers comp before starting work though.

    Migrant Workers- Alas! You will not be entitled to a workman’s compensation, if you happen to be categorized as a migrant worker in Georgia. Do remember to discuss the issue with your worker’s comp lawyer and find out whether you can still claim your dues.