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Can Social Media Affect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

  • Some people spend more time on social media than they do with their friends and family. Over the last decade, social media has become a vital part of our lives. Countless friendships and careers are born throughout a variety of social media apps and websites. Social media has brought many people together. 

    Although social media can help many people in unique ways, sites such as Facebook or Instagram aren't always useful when building an injury claim case. In most situations, these sites can be more harmful than helpful.

    Any Detroit personal injury lawyer will warn you of the potential danger that social media poses to your injury lawsuit. Avoid making the following online mistakes during your injury claim.

    Avoid Posting Evidence on Your Social Media

    To successfully win your injury claim, you'll need evidence that the other party is responsible for your damages. When you document your damages, it's wise to not publicly disclose the details of your case. The nature of social media invites users to share every picture, video, and detail on their social media accounts. 

    Sharing evidence is a bad idea if you're attempting to build a strong injury case. The defense will use any conflicting evidence you post against you and your evidence could make your overall case extremely vulnerable. 

    Social Media Can Corrupt Your Image

    Remember, when you're attempting to win compensation for your damages, the goal is to make the courtroom view you as the victim. Bragging about your potential compensation does not reflect well on your case. If the defense were to see any post that suggests your injury claim had ill-intent, the defense would not hesitate to use it against you.

    Other types of posts can potentially ruin your case, as well. When attempting to win compensation for your pain and suffering, posting pictures of you at the beach ruins the picture you're attempting to paint for the courtroom. Injury claims are delicate procedures that require precise timing. Carelessly posting anything you want onto your social media account risks ruining everything you and your injury attorney have worked to build. 

    Should You Keep Using Your Social Media Account? 

    There is nothing wrong with browsing your social media accounts during your injury claim. Seeing the latest updates from your favorite celebrities or keeping up with your friends and family is fine. However, you shouldn't post or interact with other users during your case. Anything you post on social media is public and usable against you in your case. 

    Private messages are an expectation without a warrant or the account holder's consent. Ultimately, you're better off deactivating your social media accounts while building an injury claim case.

    Talk with a Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer

    Christensen Law understands the importance of social media. The need to constantly communicate is something that's apart of our society now. However, we also understand the importance of receiving compensation for your damages. Our attorney will assist you with building a compelling case and help you avoid any crucial mistakes.

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