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Can I Sue for a Slip-and-Fall in Detroit?

  • Accidents can happen under a variety of circumstances, and some accidents happen when they didn’t have to. People constantly behave recklessly or carelessly, which leads to accidents and injuries. For example, someone can spill something on the floor, and you could slip and be seriously injured as a result.

    People don’t often realize how serious a slip-and-fall injury can be. For instance, you could hit your head and sustain brain damage due to a slip-and-fall injury. You could break your arm because of a slip accident. You could receive a puncture wound after a slip if you land on something sharp.

    When someone else caused your slip-and-fall accident in Detroit, you might be able to sue to recover damages.

    The Person Who Caused Your Slip-and-Fall Accident Could Pay

    So, you’ve been hurt in a slip-and-fall accident in Detroit, and you’re wondering whether there’s anything you can do about it. You can file a claim against the person who caused the accident. 

    For example, if you were hurt in a slip-and-fall at a local store, the store owner could be held liable for your accident injuries.

    If you were injured at a friend’s house, your friend could be liable if your injury was caused by a property hazard. 

    Reasons to File a Claim for a Slip-and-Fall Accident

    There are several reasons that you might decide to file a claim for your slip accident. 

    • One reason is because you have suffered, and the person who caused your suffering should be held accountable for that. You will feel better if they are held accountable, and you can put the accident behind you.
    • Another good reason to file a claim is to prevent others from being hurt. Your claim could make the person who caused the accident learn from their mistakes. They will likely be more careful in the future, possibly preventing other people from also being harmed. 
    • Your claim could even lead to safety rules or legislation in some cases. Many laws are enacted due to a personal injury claim or lawsuit. 
    • Finally, a reason to file a claim is to recover monetary compensation for everything you suffered. You are in physical pain because of your accident, and you can be compensated for that. Were you permanently injured due to this accident? You can be compensated. Do you have medical bills or did you lose income? You can be compensated.

    A slip-and-fall lawyer can help you file your claim and achieve your goals.

    Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Detroit, Michigan

    Filing a claim for a slip-and-fall accident can be a big challenge. Most people don’t do this on their own. They need legal advice and assistance, so they contact a lawyer. A lawyer can help investigate your accident, collect evidence to help prove your case, and they can work to help you reach all of your claim goals.

    Contact a Detroit personal injury lawyer at Christensen Law by dialing 248-213-4900, and get a free case consultation. You’re always welcome to head over to our website for more information about the benefits of filing a claim.