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Who Caused Your Motorcycle Accident?

  • Getting in a motorcycle accident in Ann Arbor, Michigan, can be devastating. Just because you survived the accident doesn’t mean you won’t suffer life-altering injuries. As a motorcyclist, you put yourself at a greater risk for injuries by choosing to ride a bike. But this doesn’t automatically make you responsible for your collision. If someone else caused your accident, they should be held accountable.

    Identifying who caused your motorcycle accident in Ann Arbor may not be easy. You must investigate the scene of the wreck and gather evidence to build a case. With the help of an Ann Arbor motorcycle accident lawyer from Christensen Law, you can feel supported as you find the at-fault party and seek justice for your suffering.

    Vehicle Driver

    Although motorcyclists often receive the blame for motorcycle accidents that occur, negligent vehicle drivers can cause motorcycle accidents, as well.

    For example, a negligent vehicle driver may cause your motorcycle accident if they don’t check their blind spot while passing you. They may also stop suddenly or run into you from behind if they’re distracted. When speeding, a driver may also sideswipe you on your bike.

    Defective Motorcycle Part

    If you suddenly lose control on your motorcycle and get into an accident, it’s possible that a defective motorcycle part caused you to wreck. You should have your motorcycle investigated after your accident to determine whether a malfunction occurred. If you confirm that a defect was the cause, it’s possible to sue the motorcycle manufacturer or a repair company.

    Roadway Hazard

    If you got into a motorcycle accident because of a roadway hazard, it’s possible that negligence played a role. If the roadway hazard should’ve been repaired by the city or another government or organizational entity, then you may be able to sue them for your damages. For example, if your collision occurred because of an unrepaired pothole or a missing guardrail, then you may deserve compensation.

    Did You Share Fault?

    It’s possible that you shared fault in causing your motorcycle accident. If you were speeding when your accident occurred or you weren’t wearing a helmet, for example, then the court may decide that you were, say, 30 or 40 percent at fault.

    In Michigan, you can still sue for compensation as long as you’re less than 50 percent at fault for the accident. The court will calculate your percentage of fault and take this percentage out of your settlement.

    Contact an Ann Arbor Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    Once you know who caused your motorcycle accident in Ann Arbor, you can feel confident fighting your claim in court. The at-fault party should have to pay for their negligence, and you deserve the maximum amount of money for your suffering. 

    You shouldn’t hesitate to take legal action even if you don’t have experience with the court system. An Ann Arbor motorcycle accident lawyer from Christensen Law can guide you through the claims process from start to finish. To schedule a free consultation with our team, call 248-213-4900 or check out our website for more information.