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What are the Different Types of Lemons?

  • When people think of Lemon Law, they generally picture a car that is malfunctioning so badly it is barely drivable, if drivable at all. However, automobile owners are not the only people who can get stuck with a lemon. Here is a list of a few other types of lemons that you should be aware of.

    Not all states have lemon laws that protect those purchasing motorcycles, and lemon motorcycles are not something that are talked about much in the media. Because of this, people who end up with faulty motorcycles may be less likely to pursue a claim than those who end up with a malfunctioning car. However, motorcycles can be a significant investment, and if you save for a new bike, only to have it turn out to be a lemon, you deserve to be reimbursed.


    Another category of overlooked lemons is boats. Whether you buy a sail boat, jet ski, motor boat, or any other kind of watercraft, there is a chance that you could end up with a lemon. Mechanical issues with boats can be a nuisance, taking all of the enjoyment out of your new purchase and costing you a great deal to fix. Safety issues with boats should not be taken likely, as they could leave you in a precarious situation. If you think your boat might be a lemon, start doing some research and possibly contact an attorney. Depending on your state, you could have a good case for compensation or a new boat.



    Motorhomes, RVs, and travel trailers are another category that commonly turns out to have lemons. This is perhaps the most costly type of lemon on this list, since many buyers put a significant financial investment into these items. Thousands of buyers end up with lemons each year, and are then stuck, after spending significant amounts of money on the product. If you end up with a lemon motorhome, RV or other item in this category, you should look into compensation and possibly a legal case, since dealing with a lemon like this can cost you a ton of money. Even if your state does not have lemon laws for this type of item, you can still possibly puruse compensation under federal law.


    If you have ended up with any of the lemon types below, please don’t suffer in silence. Contact Stern Law, P.L.L.C, and get a free consultation of your lemon law case today.