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What Causes Car Accidents?


    A large percentage of people will end up in a car accident at some point. Many of these individuals end up seeking legal help when insurance companies fail to cover the costs associated with property damage and bodily injuries. But what are the main causes of car accidents in the US, and how can they be avoided? After all, while legal help can be a lifesaver when insurance companies don't come through, it is better to prevent accidents in the first place. Here are a few ways that individuals can lower their risk of being in a car crash.


    1) Ban distractions. 

    Distracted driving causes countless accidents across the United States every day. Younger drivers tend to be more at risk for car crashes caused by distracted driving, but drivers of all ages are at risk. Most people think that cell phones are the main cause of distracted driving accidents. While this is true, there are many other reasons people can lose focus while driving. Eating, applying makeup, talking to a passenger, and adjusting the car radio are all examples of other ways drivers can lose focus. Any of these seemingly innocent activities can cause a car crash and possibly cause a traffic fatality.


    2)Slow Down.

    Speeding is another top reason for car crashes. The faster a driver is going, the harder it is to react in time to avoid a crash. Drivers in Texas have the higher chance of getting into a crash than drivers in any other state, and experts speculate this is partially because Texas highways tend to have higher speed limits.


    3) Stay Sober

    Drunk driving is another leading cause of traffic crashes (and traffic fatalities). Many drivers get in trouble by trying to just have a drink or two before driving home. However, even smaller amounts of alcohol can impair reaction time. If ever in doubt, it is best to avoid getting behind the wheel. The same rule goes for any kind of reaction-slowing substance, including many prescription drugs.


    4) Get Enough Sleep

    Recent studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can slow down a driver’s reaction time as much as drinking. Drivers who feel extremely drowsy should not risk getting behind the wheel.


    5) Maintain Your Vehicle

    Yes, vehicle maintenance can be boring, but keeping your car in good condition can help prevent accidents. You don't want to ignore a problem until it causes you to stop in the middle of the road or hit another car, possibly causing injuries, or even fatalities, so make sure you maintain your car regularly.


    While the risk of traffic crashes can never be eliminated, following these tips should help drivers lower their risk of getting into a car accident. If you do your best to be a safe driver, and you end up injured due to someone else being negligent while driving, then make sure you get the compensation you deserve. As Ft. Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Ronald Rosen explains, the insurance settlement you receive after an accident may not always be fair or compensate for your losses, so you may need to get expert legal help.