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Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Because of Elder Abuse?

  • Elder abuse is sadly an all-too-common occurrence in the United States. When you entrust your loved one to a care facility, you do so with the intention of providing them with a high level of care that you cannot. Unfortunately, many cases of elder abuse happen in care facilities every day. If your loved one is suffering because of elder abuse, you should get a personal injury attorney, but how can you recognize the signs in the first place? How can you know if your loved one is in a potentially dangerous situation? Here are a few signs to look for:


    Unexplained injuries such as broken bones, burns, abrasions, or pressure marks.

    If you notice unexplained injuries on your elderly loved one, you should be concerned. Yes, elderly patients can have accidents from time to time, but if you notice an unexplained injury more than once, you should do some investigating to be sure that your loved one is safe.


    Weight Loss

    Sudden weight loss is another sign of elder abuse. If you notice your loved one is suddenly underweight when they were not before, this should set off some alarm bells. Yes, there may be another explanation, but if you cannot find one, be on high alert.


    Poor Hygiene

    Care facilities should be making sure your loved one has help maintaining proper hygiene. If you find this is not the case, you loved one may be suffering neglect. This is an issue that you should bring up with the facility right away. If it is not addressed, you should remove your loved one from that facility.


    Bedsores and Unattended Medical Needs

    If your loved one has bed sores, that is often a sign that he or she is being neglected by caregivers. Unattended medical needs are also a warning sign of neglect and abuse. For example, if your loved one is not being given the correct medications on time, when the facility if supposed to take care of this, it is a red flag of neglect and possibly abuse.


    Depression and Withdrawal

    If your loved one is being abused or neglected, he or she may become depressed and withdrawn, even from you. If you notice a sudden change in disposition of your loved one, and there is no other explanation, you should start investigating what could be causing it. If your loved one has lost interest in activities they once enjoyed, or if they seem distant or listless, you may need to move them to a different facility if the issue can not be resolved.


    Strained or Tense Relationships

    If you notice that your loved one’s caregivers are often arguing or having a tense attitude with your loved one, this is another red flag to watch out for. If this is happening in front of you, there is a good chance that it could be escalated when you are not around. This is simply unacceptable, and you should remove your loved one from a facility if you notice this happening.


    These are a few of the warning signs that you can watch out for in order to protect your elderly loved one from neglect and abuse. If you suspect that your loved one has suffered physically or emotional trauma due to neglect or abuse, you may want to contact a personal injury lawyer to see what your rights are and to see if your loved one is entitled to compensation.