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Wrongful Death vs. Malpractice

  • Medical malpractice and wrongful death are two separate legal issues. Understanding the difference between medical malpractice and wrongful death is important before filing a legal claim against the person who caused the death of your loved one.

    Although it is true that medical malpractice can lead to death and result in a wrongful death lawsuit, not all wrongful death cases stem from medical malpractice.


    What Is Wrongful Death?

    Wrongful death can occur in any kind of personal injury accident, from motor vehicle accidents to premises and product liability to construction and workplace accidents. When a careless and negligent act leads to the death of another, the family of the victim can file a wrongful death lawsuit.

    Although medical malpractice can lead to death, wrongful death can arise out of a wide array of situations, including the following:


    What Is Medical Malpractice?

    Medical malpractice is when a medical or healthcare provider injures you as a result of a careless and negligent act. Healthcare providers who may be negligent include doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical staff at a hospital, rehabilitation centers, and any other healthcare facility.

    Common medical malpractice cases include the following:

    • Misdiagnosis
    • Failure to diagnose
    • Delayed diagnosis and treatment
    • Surgical errors
    • Medication errors
    • Birth injuries


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