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How to Identify Elder Abuse

  • When family members and close loved ones get older, they sometimes need professional round-the-clock care to help take care of daily tasks such as maintaining personal hygiene and taking daily medications. Although we hire care providers to help the elderly in their time of need, they can often be taken advantage of without family members knowing.

    It’s important to know the signs of elder abuse so you can identify when abuse is occurring and hold the liable party accountable. If you believe your elderly loved one is being abused, a San Diego elder abuse lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC can help. Our team will investigate your situation and use evidence to obtain a settlement on your loved one’s behalf.  


    Neglect is one of the most common forms of abuse that elderly people experience in nursing homes and other situations in which care providers are taking care of them. Care providers and other individuals may abuse the elderly in the form of neglect by failing to provide proper hygiene, failing to properly medicate a patient, or ignoring a patient and their needs completely. 

    If your loved one’s behavior changes or you notice bedsores, a lack of hygiene, or a worsening of their medical symptoms because of a lack of medication, neglect may be the reason for these signs and symptoms.

    Psychological Abuse

    Psychological abuse often involves manipulation on behalf of caretakers. A care provider may psychologically abuse the elderly by belittling, exploiting, or harassing and scolding a patient. If you notice that your elderly family member becomes distant or their mentality transforms, it may be because they’re experiencing psychological abuse. 

    Physical Abuse

    Physical elder abuse can involve pinching, hitting, pushing, slapping, or any other physical gesture toward the elderly patient that’s harmful. Elderly patients may accept this abuse and not come forward about it because they feel ashamed about the treatment and don’t want it to get worse. If you notice unexplainable bruises or marks on your elderly loved one, it’s important to inquire further.  

    Financial Exploitation

    Elderly people are financially exploited frequently because they may not have a strong handle on their money. People may steal from the elderly by making the elderly feel sorry for them, by charging the elderly more than a product is worth, or by secretly taking money from the elderly without them knowing. If your parent is getting older, you can help them manage their accounts to prevent this abuse.

    Consult a San Diego Elder Abuse Attorney

    Elder abuse happens too often throughout the country because the elderly are a vulnerable part of the population and become an easy target for thieves and abusive individuals to prey on. It’s essential for the younger generation to protect the older generation if we hope to prevent elder abuse from occurring.

    If you believe your elderly family member is in trouble, reach out to a San Diego elder abuse lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC. You can call 619-550-1313 to schedule a free consultation or visit our website for more information.