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Why Are Non-Economic Damages Important in Injury Lawsuits?

  • Why Are Non-Economic Damages Important in Injury Lawsuits?

    Many people who’ve been injured because of another person’s careless or wrongful actions don’t know what types of damages they can receive in an injury lawsuit. You might know that you are owed compensation, but you don’t know how to calculate your claim’s value.

    For instance, following a vehicle collision in which a drunk driver has caused you serious injury, you might wonder what your claim will pay for. Does an injury claim pay you only for the financial losses you’ve suffered, such as your property damage and medical bills, or are there other damages you can also receive financial reimbursement for?

    What Are Non-Economic Damages?

    You can receive a settlement for your monetary losses, but you can also be paid for your non-economic damages as well. For instance, the physical pain you are experiencing as a result of your injuries is a type of non-economic loss. These types of losses aren’t directly tied to your finances, but they harm you in other ways.

    Some people would say that non-economic damages are even more important in an injury lawsuit than monetary ones. It’s really the non-economic suffering that affects your life the most. Your physical pain, mental anguish, permanent injury, disfiguring scarring, loss of mobility, and lost life enjoyment are all examples of non-economic losses.

    It’s important for you to be compensated for these damages so you can feel as though you’ve received justice for what you’ve been through. Additionally, the court can’t fix your suffering, so the only way for the court to make you feel whole again is through monetary compensation.

    Calculate Your Non-Economic Damages with Help from an Injury Lawyer

    Determining a fair settlement is not always easy and you might need some assistance. Call a California personal  injury lawyer with The Kindley Firm, APC, to discuss the value of your non-economic damages. Dial 619-550-1313 to reach our law firm or go over to our website to learn more about submitting a lawsuit against those responsible for your suffering.