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Preparing for a Workers Comp Hearing

  • It's unfortunate, but not every workers comp claim is approved right away, no matter how valid your claim is. However, that doesn't mean that your claim is at the end of its road. Instead, you may need to file for an appeal and begin preparing for a workers comp hearing.

    Fortunately, your attorney can help you appeal when your claim has been denied. When you're struggling with your hearing, seek out an attorney who can guide you through the process and work diligently on your behalf.

    Gathering Information

    When you're denied, you'll first need to gather all the information you need to appeal your claim. Typically, you'll need any information about the injury available, such as your doctor's diagnosis, the date of your accident, and any other paperwork detailing your claim. You may also want to make sure you have your claim timeline. That way, you have an idea of your claim's progress.

    Prepare Your Defense

    After you've gathered relevant documentation, you'll then need to prepare a strong defense for your claim. Your lawyer can help you find the people and evidence you need to get the full workers comp benefits you deserve.

    When you're seeking compensation for your injury, you may use any of the following evidence for your defense:

    • Witnesses – If anyone saw the accident, they may be able to testify about your injuries. Footage of the injury can also help you prove your claim.
    • Expert Witnesses – Expert witnesses can study the accident and your injuries and give their own opinions about the claim. These experts may include doctors, other medical examiners, or experts on your vocation.
    • Medical Evidence – Medical attention after an accident can be vital. Your lawyer can use this to show you were injured in your accident.

    Contact a Lawyer for Guidance

    Unfortunately, preparing for a workers comp hearing can be difficult. You'll need to fight back for the full benefits you deserve after a denial, but that can be difficult without help. That's why you'll need to seek out a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge that can make all the difference.

    When you're struggling with your claim, a Des Moines workers comp lawyer from Pothitakis Law Firm, PC can help you get the workers comp benefits you deserve. Get started with a free consultation, and we can help you prepare your workers comp appeal before your hearing.

    Ready to get started? Seek out your workers comp lawyer by calling 319-754-6400 or by visiting us online.