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By the Numbers: Work Injuries in Indiana

  • Every year, hundreds of Indiana employees suffer from work-related injuries, many of which leave them unable to work. Even when you take caution, accidents happen.

    So, what are your chances of a work injury? Certain circumstances can raise the chance of a work accident, so it’s important to know what to expect for your claim. Continue reading to learn more about common work injuries in Indiana.

    Older Workers Suffer More

    Although some might assume younger workers, with their lack of experience, would suffer more injuries, the opposite is true. If you’re a worker over the age of forty-five, you are at an increased chance of suffering an injury.

    This is especially true of workers who have repetitive work tasks. These motions can wear down the body and cause you to pay less attention than before. Additionally, long-term exposure to chemicals or toxic substances can also cause serious work-related illnesses, ones you wouldn’t have suffered from in other jobs. This type of exposure can happen to an employee of any age.

    The Great Outdoors Is Dangerous

    Some jobs are simply more dangerous than others. Although work accidents can happen anywhere, even in an office setting, you might be concerned about working in an especially dangerous field.

    For Indiana workers, the most dangerous jobs tend to be in agriculture, hunting, forestry, and fishing. Because these workers are exposed to not just the dangers of nature, but also to heavy machinery and dangerous equipment, they’re more likely to experience devastating injuries, such as falls from a great height, drowning, and crushing machine injuries.

    Most Common Injuries

    Fortunately, these life-altering injuries are some of the less-common aches and pains you might experience as an employee. Although there are countless types of injuries and illnesses you could suffer at work, some of the most common aren’t so lethal.

    Often, workers are hurt and unable to work because of overexertion. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to serious injuries, making it tough to get back on the job. These injuries tend to come from pulling or pushing on too much weight, lifting too much, or otherwise pushing yourself beyond your limit.

    Slip-and-fall accidents are sadly common, as well. Any workplace could have a wet floor or a tripping hazard, which can put you in danger.

    Get Help after a Work Injury

    When you’ve suffered through a work-related accident, you need to get help, no matter the circumstances. Without your income, you and your family could suffer while you heal and are unable to work.

    Fortunately, the attorneys at Crossen Kooi Law can help. We understand the importance of your claim for you and your family, and we’ll fight to secure your full benefits. We’ll even start with a free consult about your work injury, so you know how we can help before you sign anything.

    If you have questions for us, reach out for help. We can be found by calling 317-569-1335 or by contacting us through our website.