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How to Identify Nursing Home Abuse

  • If you have a loved one or close family member staying in a nursing home, it’s important to remain aware of their behavior. Although nursing homes are meant to provide round-the-clock care for the elderly, abuse at the hands of staff members has been known to occur. 

    Nursing home abuse is unacceptable and those who abuse elderly patients physically, sexually, or verbally should be held to account. At Kooi Law, we strive to bring justice to nursing home abuse victims and their families. An Indianapolis personal injury lawyer from our team can investigate your loved one’s situation and use evidence to prove negligence. 

    Types of Nursing Home Abuse

    Nursing home abuse can come in many forms, which can make the abuse difficult to point out. Some of the most common types of nursing home abuse include neglect, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and physical abuse. Elderly patients can also be taken advantage of financially.

    Neglect often occurs in nursing homes when employees don’t bathe patients or fail to medicate them appropriately. Psychological abuse can include belittling, manipulating, or teasing patients. Sexual abuse is any form of inappropriate or unwanted touching. Physical abuse may include pinching, slapping, hitting, or pushing patients.

    Warning Signs to Catch Nursing Home Abuse Quickly

    Because elderly patients don’t have family around daily, abuse can become a habitual practice. As a visitor, you may not notice all the signs of behavioral changes. It’s important to catch warning signs of abuse so you can take action quickly.

    Some warning signs of nursing home abuse include:

    • Bad hygiene and body odor 
    • Development or worsening of illnesses
    • Unexplainable cuts, scratches, or bruises
    • Personality or mood changes
    • Lack of communication
    • Bedsores

    Whom to Hold Accountable for Abuse in Nursing Homes

    Once you believe abuse is taking place, you can begin gathering evidence with the help of your personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis. Photographs, video footage, medical records, and witness testimonies can all serve as evidence in your loved one’s case.

    If you’re able to pinpoint exactly who’s abusing your loved one, it’s possible to sue them personally. However, the nursing home will likely be accountable for the employee’s actions. By identifying all liable parties, you can maximize your loved one’s claim. Your loved one deserves compensation for the pain and suffering they’ve experienced. 

    Contact an Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney

    Abuse is never acceptable, especially in nursing homes when elderly patients are there to receive care. At Kooi Law, we do our best to identify the liable parties in all incidents of nursing home abuse. We want both the victims and the families associated with abuse to recover quickly by getting the most out of their injury claim.

    If you’re ready to speak with an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer about your loved one’s case, call 317-569-1335 to schedule a free consultation or visit our website for more information.