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Types of Evidence That Can Benefit Your Indianapolis Car Accide

  • When someone else is responsible for your car accident and you suffer injuries as a result, it’s essential to hold the liable party accountable if you want to recover compensation and heal quickly. Hiring an experienced attorney to take on your case can be a great way to increase your chances of winning the maximum settlement.

    An Indianapolis car accident lawyer from Kooi Law can thoroughly investigate your collision and use evidence to identify how your wreck occurred, why it occurred, and who’s responsible. Once you know whom to sue, you can officially name a defendant in your lawsuit and prove negligence against them. Having evidence to support your claim is crucial to a successful outcome. 

    Video Footage and Photographs

    Tangible evidence is the best way to show the judge and jury how the accident happened in real time. If you accident occurred at an intersection or near a local establishment, you could obtain video footage from traffic or security cameras and use it in court. Video footage could show that the driver was distracted, speeding, or improperly changing lanes, for example.

    If video footage isn’t available, photographs can also be helpful. Photographs will show the damage to your car and can pinpoint how you were hit or the amount of force delivered to your vehicle. Photographs may also show tire marks, which can explain where the vehicle came from and how fast the driver was going when they slammed on their brakes. 

    Witness Testimonies

    Witness testimonies are a good source of evidence because they can provide the judge and jury with an outsider perspective on how the accident occurred. Both you and the liable party were involved in the wreck firsthand, so you’ll likely have skewed perspectives on what happened. A witness, on the other hand, can explain what they saw from afar. If the colliding driver was acting reckless, the witness can report it. 

    The Police Report

    The police report will provide basic information, such as where the wreck occurred, what time it occurred, who was present, and what happened. The police report is a great resource to bring to court because the authorities have already verified it. The judge and jury will trust the information presented in this report. 

    Medical Documentation

    Once you prove negligence against the at-fault party in your wreck, you must also prove that the liable party’s negligence caused your injuries. Medical documentation of your injuries is essential if you hope to receive a settlement in your lawsuit. Without proving to the judge and jury that your injuries are legitimate and these injuries led to pain, suffering, or financial loss, you won’t win your case. 

    Contact an Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney

    At Kooi Law, our attorneys are experienced in gathering evidence. We’ll do our best to maximize your settlement so you can begin picking up the pieces of your life. If you want to discuss your case with an Indianapolis car accident lawyer from our team, call 317-569-1335 or find us online for more information.