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Truck Accidents Should Be Handled by Experienced Attorneys

  • If you’re not familiar with personal injury law or civil litigation, you might be tempted to think that all cases involving a crash are pretty much the same. There’s a crash, an injury and an attorney that’s working to get their client payment. But the truth is that not all vehicle accident cases are the same, and this is especially true when it comes to wrecks involving commercial vehicles.


    One of the biggest misconceptions in the field of personal injury law is that truck accident cases are just “big car accident” cases. There are many things that set large truck accidents apart from all other crash types. Let’s name a few…


    The Damages are Often Greater


    Unlike passenger vehicles, large commercial trucks far outweigh nearly all other cars on the road. They are bigger, heavier, take longer to stop and cause much more damage when involved in a crash. The damage caused in a crash involving a large truck is usually far greater than that involving two passenger vehicles.


    Because injuries can be worse and damage can be greater, the stakes are usually higher when there is a lawsuit following a large truck accident. An experienced attorney will know that cases with catastrophic injuries require a significant amount of effort and attention to detail.


    The Laws are Far More Complex


    Large trucks and commercial vehicle drivers are subject to more specific laws than other vehicles and drivers. There are federal laws and state laws that regulate how big vehicles can be. There are laws that regulate how long a commercial truck driver is allowed to operate their vehicle before taking a break.


    Any lawyer that accepts a truck accident case should be familiar not only with federal laws governing commercial vehicles, but also with the ones in their state. If an attorney is unfamiliar with the complexity of these laws, the learning curve will be steeper in their first truck accident case.


    The Defendants are Well-Prepared


    Trucking companies have lawsuits built into their bottom line. These companies know that if their driver is negligent and causes a crash, they might be held liable for any injuries other parties suffer. Trucking companies are prepared for this outcome. They often have attorneys and insurance company representatives ready to spring into action to defend against even the possibility of a lawsuit.


    It’s not unheard of for trucking companies to deploy a representative to the scene of a crash to find ways to mitigate their liability, often at the expense of the passenger-vehicle occupant that has been involved in the crash. In other words, when you file a claim after a large truck accident, you’ll be facing a tougher opponent than you would in other cases.


    While this situation might be intimidating for an attorney unfamiliar with these cases, an experienced truck accident lawyer will know what is coming, and they won’t be overwhelmed by the opponent they’re facing. Good attorneys build a reputation for being tough and thorough. Though there are often many parties involved in personal injury lawsuits, insurers and trucking companies often encounter the same plaintiff’s attorneys. The better the reputation of your attorney, the more likely it is that they’ll command respect of the opposing side from the outset of your case.


    When Hiring an Attorney, Ask About Their Experience


    Many attorneys offer free consultations. Take advantage of these consultations to talk to your potential attorney about their experience in large truck accident cases. If an attorney has been successful in these types of cases, they’ll be able to tell you in detail about their track record and their approach to the cases they’ve handled.


    Remember that your truck accident case is a different beast than other types of vehicle accident cases. Look for an attorney who has been through the process before and found success for their clients.