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Florida Motorcycle Laws

  • Before you take your first ride on your motorcycle, you need to know the Florida motorcycle laws that can impact you. Following these laws can protect your health and safety. They can also protect your compensation if you’re ever hurt in a motorcycle accident. Below is just a sample of the laws you may need to focus on. 

    License and Tags for Motorcyclists 

    Like a car, motorcycles require the correct license, tags, and insurance before you take off on the road. To be certified as a motorcyclist, you need to pass all the right training to earn your motorcycle endorsement. That means you’ll need more than your drivers license before you ride. 

    You’ll also need to insure your motorcycle. An accident can be costly, and you may need financial help to cover the losses suffered in an accident. That can give you more options for recovery following an accident. 

    Helmet Laws in Florida 

    When you’re on a motorcycle, you may be required to wear a helmet. All Florida riders are required to wear these unless they meet certain insurance requirements. 

    But wearing a helmet and the appropriate equipment, like eye protection, can also help you in an accident. It can protect your health, and it can make your defense easier if it comes down to that. It can be more difficult for your Lakeland motorcycle accident lawyer to prove you were taking all precautions necessary if you weren’t wearing a helmet. 

    Gear Requirements for Motorcyclists 

    You need more than your helmet and eye protection to be safe on the road. Your motorcycle should also have all the right equipment. That’s not just to protect you—this gear can prevent accidents and injury to others, too. Below are some of the gear requirements your motorcycle should meet: 

    • Turn signals 
    • Tail light
    • Headlight 
    • Rear-view mirrors
    • Horn 

    If your motorcycle doesn’t have this equipment, you can face legal penalties. These may be counted as noncriminal violations, which means you can be ticketed for failing to have this gear and other vital pieces of equipment. 

    Traffic Safety Rules 

    When you’re riding a motorcycle, you’re on a much smaller vehicle. But that doesn’t mean you’re not subject to the same safety rules that cars are. For example, in Florida, it’s illegal to split the lane, or ride in the same lane as the car you’re passing. Drag racing and stunts can also lead to legal trouble. 

    You may face traffic ticket penalties for these actions, or you may be found partly at fault during your motorcycle accident lawsuit. Worse, if you’re hurt in a motorcycle accident, the at-fault party may point to these actions as proof that you were acting recklessly. That can hurt your compensation and your lawsuit. 

    Talk to a Lawyer About Laws Impacting Your Motorcycle Privileges 

    If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, state laws regarding motorcyclists can impact your claim. Your lawyers at Lopez & Humphries, PA can help you understand the impact of these laws, representing you in court and defending you from fault. Call 863-709-8500 or visit us online for a free consultation.