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Can You Sue for a Defective Product Injury?

  • You use products every day of your life, and most of those products aren’t made by you. From furniture to equipment to children’s toys, a manufacturer somewhere is creating the items in your home. You probably don’t think too much about it. You expect the products to be of a high quality, and you expect the products to be safe. 

    But what if they aren’t safe? What if they are dangerous and cause you harm? You do have some recourse when a dangerous or defective product causes you injuries and damages. You can file a product liability claim through the civil justice system. Filing a claim can be complicated, so learn how the process works by reading on.

    Types of Products That Could Be Defective

    In reality, all products could be defective if poorly made. However, there are some products that can cause more harm than others. For instance, poorly designed children’s toys could cause serious harm to a child, whereas a poorly made bowl may not cause anyone lasting harm.

    Furniture that is not well made could break and severely injure someone. Auto parts that don’t function properly could lead to a car accident. It is plain to see that defective products can cause serious injuries and cause significant suffering for those who were hurt by them.

    A few more examples of products that could be defective and could cause serious harm:

    • Household chemicals
    • Drugs
    • Appliances
    • Equipment and tools
    • Medical supplies

    Reasons to File a Product Injury Claim

    Wondering whether filing a claim is worth the headache? There are a couple of good reasons to file a claim. 

    First, a claim can bring awareness to the dangerous product that hurt you. This can prevent other people from being injured. Second, your claim could hold the manufacturer accountable for their negligence. Hopefully, they will learn a lesson to be more careful in future. 

    Third, your claim could bring you a sense of justice from knowing that the manufacturer is being held to account. Finally, your claim can bring you financial compensation for all that you went through. 

    You could be compensated for the following damages:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Permanent injury
    • Lost income
    • Medical expenses
    • Mental trauma
    • Cost of physical therapy
    • Cost of mental health treatment

    Reach Out to a Product Injury Lawyer in Richmond

    Your product injury has brought pain and suffering to your life. You didn’t deserve to be injured because a manufacturing company was cutting corners. When someone causes you harm because of negligence, you have every right to seek retribution. Filing a product liability claim is how you get justice, but it’s a tough process to undertake alone.

    What if you don’t have to be alone? What if you can get help with your claim by partnering with a Richmond personal injury lawyer? Reach out to top-rated Halperin Law Center and discover how helpful a lawyer can be after a personal injury. Visit our website for more information about our law firm or dial 804-527-0100 for a free case review.