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How Do I Know Who’s Liable for Truck Accident Injuries?

  • Truck accidents present a different set of problems than crashes involving passenger cars or motorcycles. 

    First, the resulting injuries and other damages are likely to be more severe because of a truck’s huge size and impact. Second, the laws surrounding truck accidents, such as commercial-related regulations, are more complicated. And finally, multiple parties may be involved in a truck’s operation, making it difficult to identify who’s financially liable for your injuries.

    If you’re feeling unsure of where to start after a trucking accident, consider seeking a Richmond truck accident attorney to help you determine which of the parties below you should be suing.

    The Truck Driver

    Driver error is the leading cause of truck and semi-truck accidents. This often involves some level of negligence – the driver breaches their duty of care that entails driving safely to avoid harming other road users. 

    Examples of truck driver negligence include:

    • Speeding
    • Impaired driving
    • Driving while fatigued
    • Reckless road behaviors such as tailgating and improper lane changes. 

    The Truck Owner

    In many cases, the driver is usually just an employee or independent contractor working for the truck owner. In such situations, your truck accident lawyer in Richmond can investigate whether the owner was negligent too. 

    A truck owner can be liable for your injuries in accidents involving poorly serviced vehicles or drivers who’ve worked past the required number of hours.

    The Commercial Trucking Company 

    Most trucks on our roads either belong to or are managed by large multinational trucking companies. The drivers are just employees.

    Under the respondeat superior doctrine, your circumstances might allow you to sue the company for their employee’s negligence. Such corporations don’t go down easily so they’re likely to send their toughest attorney to defend themselves. Ensure you have a top-rated trucking accident lawyer representing you as well.   

    The Loading Company or Individuals

    An unstable load is a disaster waiting to happen, especially when a truck is navigating a bend. If the investigation shows that the driver lost control due to an improperly loaded cargo, the loaders (or their employers) might be financially liable.  

    The Truck Parts Manufacturer or Dealership

    Trucks, just like other machines, are prone to malfunctioning. However, if a defective part contributes to this and causes a crash, the part’s manufacturer, designer, or marketer might be financially liable for your damages. A dealership or mechanic who sold and fixed the part in question could also be partially responsible.

    Solving such cases requires knowledge from a mechanical or technical expert to ascertain your claims. An attorney has easy access to such personnel and will help you process the case faster than you would when working alone.

    Call a Richmond Truck Accident Attorney

    One of the most crucial steps in filing a successful truck accident claim is determining the person(s) liable for your damages. At Halperin Law Center, we help victims of truck-related crashes in Richmond build strong cases by gathering evidence and proving fault on their behalf. 

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