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How Is Fault Determined in Virginia Car Wrecks?

  • Vehicle collisions are common—most of us know someone who has been in a crash, even if we haven’t experienced one ourselves. You probably even understand the concept of fault and that someone is usually to blame for a car crash, but how do you know which person or party that is in your accident?

    The most obvious way to determine fault is through the process of investigating your accident.

    In some cases, fault may be obvious. For instance, if you were sitting at a red light and someone came and smashed into you from behind, that situation would clearly be the fault of the driver who rear-ended you. Most auto wrecks are not this easy to figure out, however.


    The Investigation Process for Car Wrecks

    Figuring out fault, or blame, can actually be very complicated in some situations. If fault in your auto wreck isn’t easy to determine right away, then it does become necessary to investigate if you need to recover compensation.

    Investigation is one of the jobs of your auto wreck attorney. He or she will do the following:

    • Visit the crash scene
    • Interview witnesses
    • Gather video and photographic evidence
    • Speak with the police who were on scene
    • Collect medical evidence of your injuries

    Additionally, your attorney will obtain all reports related to your accident, all in an effort to determine who was at fault and is therefore liable for your injuries.


    Reach Out to a Vehicle Crash Attorney Today

    Auto wrecks cause some of the most serious injuries imaginable. If you’ve suffered an injury at the hands of a negligent driver, you can file a claim. Personal injury claims allow you to obtain the compensation you deserve for your losses.

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