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Why You May Need a Divorce Attorney

  • Getting a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences you ever go through. However, despite how big of a life change divorce is, many people fail to get legal support during the process. This can lead to problems later on.


    There are many reasons that you need to consider hiring a family law attorney during your divorce. Here are a few to consider:


    1) If you're fighting over child custody.

    Child custody is one of the most contentious issues during many divorces. If your ex-spouse is trying to take more time with your children than you, and you feel that this is unfair, you need to get an attorney to look at your case right away. This is especially important if your ex-spouse already has legal representation. It is difficult to represent your own interests in court against an experienced lawyer, so make sure you have your own legal help. 


    2) You're not sure how to divide assets.

    If you and your ex-spouse hold significant assets together, it can be wise to get legal assistance, even if the divorce is amicable. You don't want to sign paperwork only to realize after it is too late that one party received an unfair amount of the shared assets. 


    3) Your ex-spouse is contesting the terms of the divorce.

    If you've file for divorce and proposed terms that you see as reasonable, and your ex-spouse is contesting them, it may be time to get a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.


    4) Your ex-spouse has already hired a lawyer.

    If you're fighting over divorce terms and your ex-spouse has already hired a lawyer, then you should stop discussing anything and get your own legal assistance right away. 


    5) You need someone to look over legal documents.

    Even if the divorce is non-contested, it is a good idea for both parties to have an attorney look over all of the terms and paperwork before anything is signed.


    These are just a few reasons you many want to hire an attorney to represent your interests during your divorce. As Huntsville AL family law attorney Leigh Daniel explains, the divorce process is already hard enough, so there is no need to put more stress on yourself by trying to represent your own interests during what could be a difficult legal battle.