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Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

  • Most people assume that just because someone has a disability, it will be an easy process to file for and get social security disability benefits. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The process of filing for disability benefits can be time consuming and confusing, and not everyone who deserves benefits gets them, even after appealing.


    So, what does the process look like?


    The main part of the process is simply filing for benefits. This can be done by phone, in an office, or even online at No matter how you file your claim, you will need to supply personal information as well as information about your disability. You will need proof of your income from the last three years, as well as the names of the doctors who have treated you, so make sure you have this information on hand. As with filing any kind of claim, the more documentation you have on hand, the better, so keep track of everything.


    After you file for benefits, you wait for the decision on your claim. During the waiting period, you may be contacted for additional information.


    If your claim is denied, you will then need to get ready to file an appeal. You shouldn't give up if you need the assistance just because your claim was denied. As David Teddy, a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Shelby, NC explains, many people give up too early in the process without filing an appeal. If you get good legal assistance and carefully file your appeal, you have a good chance of getting the help you need.


    The main two things to keep in mind as you file for social security disability are that you need to document everything and that you need to carefully file your claim (and appeal, if necessary.) It is always wise to get legal aid during each part of this process. A good social security disability lawyer will be able to help you file an airtight claim to begin with, and they can also help you file a successful appeal if your claim has already been denied. As Dallas personal injury lawyer Tim Tate explains, the laws around social security disability claims can be convoluted, and a good attorney can help you understand your claim and the steps you need to take to move forward.