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What Should You Do if You Get Into a Motorcycle Crash?

  • Most people who own motorcycles enjoy nothing more than taking their bike for a long ride. Unfortunately, motorcycles tend to be more dangerous than cars, with bikers being more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than people in automobiles. The good news is that bikers can take steps to keep themselves safer, such as always wearing a helmet, using proper signals, and obeying the rules of the road. That being said, even if you do everything you can to stay safe while riding your motorcycle, you could still find yourself in a crash. This could be due to another driver being intoxicated, breaking road laws, or simply driving while distracted. If this happens to you, you need to know what to do.


    As Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer David M. Moss explains, it is very important to know exactly what steps to take after a motorcycle crash. This is because you will need to document the scene and make sure you don't get blamed for causing an accident that wasn't your fault. This can be especially important if you are hurt due to the driver's negligence and need to seek compensation to cover your medical expenses. 

    Here are a few things to keep in mind after your crash.


    1) Make sure you get out of the road.

    If you land in the road, you need to get out of it as quickly as you can. You could be hit by oncoming vehicles. If your bike is in the road, do your best to move it out of the way as well. You don't want another crash happening if an oncoming driver hits it.


    2) Call law enforcement.

     The next thing you need to do is call 911 right away. You need to inform law enforcement about the crash. Once you do this, an ambulance and police offers should arrive at the scene shortly. You will need the ambulance in case anyone is injured, and you need the police offers to file an accident report.


    3) Document the scene.

    As Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer Victor Balta explains, once you are safe, documenting the scene of the crash is one of the most important things you can do if you find yourself in an accident. Why? Well, first of all, when you are filing an insurance claim, you need to be able to show the crash was not your fault. Secondly, if you are injured, you may need to file a personal injury claim to cover your medical expenses, and you will need extensive documentation of the crash if you decide to do this. So once you know you're safe, take photos of the scene. You can also take photos of any injuries you have. If there are any eyewitness, talk to them. Get their stories and contact information. You also need to get the contact information of the driver who hit you, along with his or her insurance information.


    4) Get a checkup.

    Even if you're not obviously hurt after a motorcycle crash, you need to make sure you get a medical checkup as quickly as possible. As the attorneys at the Michigan motorcycle law firm Moss and Colella explain, if you end up needing to pursue compensation for medical bills, you need to be able to prove your injuries were caused by the crash. So get checked quickly, and keep all of your medical records.


    5) Talk to a legal expert.

    If you feel like your insurance company did not fairly compensate you after you are injured, you can seek legal assistance. A good attorney can help you figure out if it is possible for you to get the compensation you need to cover medical bills and other expenses caused by the crash.


    These are just a few things to keep in mind after a motorcycle crash. Make sure you follow the rules of the road ride as safely as you can, but know what to do if you're hurt because of someone else's negligence.