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How to Stay Safe When Hiring a Limo

  • Hiring a limo is a popular way for people to get around during special occasions. 


    Many people hire a limo service as a safe and sober alternative to risking a DUI, but after the fatal limousine accident in New York, in October of 2018, some may be thinking twice about using a driving service.


    Like all vehicles, there are always potential risks of being involved in an accident when relying on a limo service. Even though you aren’t in control, as the passenger, there are some ways to stay safer if you ride in a limousine.


    Wear A Seatbelt

     When you rent a limo, it should be equipped with seat belts for every passenger in the car. Even though many limo passengers think of safety belts as an option, it’s always smart to buckle up. As VFGFGF reminds us, the risk of a serious or fatal injury is greatly reduced when you wear a seat belt.


    Avoid Being A Distraction To The Driver

     When most of us think of driver distractions, we think about text messaging and smartphones. Even though most limo drivers are trained to focus on the road, despite the noise and potential distraction of the “party” taking place in the back, you’re more likely to be a safer passenger if you keep the noise to a minimum.

     According to St. Louis auto accident attorney, Andrew S. Martin, passengers can be a significant distraction for drivers and can force the driver to look away from the road.



    Research The Company

     Before you rent a limousine, it’s always a good idea to do some research to make sure that you are using a service that is top-rated and values your safety. While there’s always the potential to be involved in an accident, you have a better chance of being safer by hiring the right company. When doing your research, consider the following:


    • Read peer reviews online
    • Do the drivers have adequate licensing for operating a limo?
    • Is the website professional and have a section on safety?
    • Are all of your questions asked clearly and confidently?


    Hollywood, Florida car accident lawyer Ronald Rosen recommends looking for certain “red flags” when reading company reviews.


    Did passengers complain of a fatigued or distracted driver? Did someone mention reckless driving behavior or failing to tell passengers to buckle up? While one driver’s behaviors may not reflect the company as a whole, you should avoid using a company that has bad reviews about a driver.


    Inspect The Vehicle

     You don’t have to be a pro when it comes to vehicles to request a quick inspection before getting into the limo. Some things you can request to look at or ask about include the availability of a spare tire, an emergency kit, and a first aid kit. Do the tires have good tread? Do all the lights work and are seat belts working properly?

     As a passenger, you have a right to feel (and be) safe while riding in a limo. If you question the driver’s ability or concern for your safety, don’t ride in the vehicle.