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Determining Liability in a Bus Accident

  • Although bus accidents don’t occur nearly as often as car accidents, the consequences can be severe when buses crash because a large number of people are typically involved. If you’ve been injured in a bus accident, it’s clear that you aren’t responsible for your injuries as a passenger, but knowing who to hold liable can be difficult. 

    The bus driver may be at fault for causing your wreck, but if they work for the government, it’s possible that their employer will be liable, as well. It’s also likely that a third party played a role in causing the accident. At Crowell Law Offices, we can help assess your specific situation and determine the best legal course of action to take. 

    Why Bus Accidents Occur

    Bus accidents can occur for various reasons and, sometimes, the driver is at fault for causing the accident, but other factors can also be at play, such as bad road and weather conditions, manufacturer defects, and other driver errors on the road. Some of the most common reasons bus accidents occur include the following:

    • Fatigued drivers
    • Drunk or drugged drivers
    • Improperly trained drivers
    • Poorly maintained buses

    Who Can Be At Fault?

    Depending on how your bus accident occurred, the driver can be held liable as well as the bus company for employing the negligent driver who caused the wreck. If the bus was loaded or maintained improperly, then the loading or maintenance company may be at fault. If bad road conditions cause the wreck, the government entity responsible for fixing the roads can be held liable. 

    If a third party caused the accident such as a drunk driver, then they will be held liable just as they would be in any other car accident case. Your bus accident lawyer in Sacramento can help investigate your bus wreck, gather evidence, and determine liability based on what happened and who caused your injuries. 

    How to Prove Negligence

    In order to obtain compensation for any injuries you’ve suffered, you’ll need to be able to prove negligence with solid evidence in court. If you believe the driver was responsible for the accident, you may be in luck because most buses have a video camera on the driver at all times. This video footage may be able to show if the driver was dozing off at the wheel or distracted in some way. 

    Other evidence that can be helpful in proving negligence may include police reports, medical records, photographs, witness testimonies from other passengers, as well as people who saw the wreck from outside of the bus.

    Reach Out to a Sacramento Bus Accident Attorney

    Although a bus accident lawsuit can be more complex due to numerous passengers being involved, the possibility of multiple liable parties, and a slightly more difficult process for determining liability, it’s still possible to obtain the compensation you deserve. An experienced attorney from Crowell Law Offices can negotiate on your behalf and try to maximize your settlement. 

    If you’d like to discuss your case with a Sacramento bus accident lawyer, fill out the contact form on our website or call 916-303-2800 to schedule a free consultation.