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Illinois Personal Injury Claims: What You Need to Know

  • Suffering an injury can be a tough time, and when you’ve been injured by someone’s careless, it can be especially frustrating. You’ll need compensation, but they might not be willing to pay for the suffering they caused.

    That’s means you’ll need to file a personal injury claim, and there are a few things you’ll need to know before you start your claim. By preparing for your claim, you can avoid a diminished or even dismissed claim, which would leave you handling the bills. With this in mind, reach out for help before your claim begins.

    You Don’t Have Much Time

    Every personal injury claim will have a time limit to file. For Illinois residents, you’ll typically need to act within two years, though those seeking compensation from a government agency may need to act sooner to get their compensation.

    If you don’t act within the time limit, that could be the end of your claim. Your case will be dismissed, and you’ll be unable to fight for compensation. You’ll be left to handle all your expenses on your own, and that can be tough when you’re injured.

    So you’ll need to act quickly to get your claim filed. While you may think you have time to file, don’t take a chance. Contact a lawyer who can help you gather evidence in time for your claim.  

    Fighting for Your Compensation

    The claims process doesn’t end when you’ve filed your claim, unfortunately. You’ll need to fight back to prove that you weren’t to blame for the accident. Otherwise, you could lose part or all of your compensation.

    Illinois law recognizes that one person may not be the only one responsible for the accident, so you might be given part of the blame for the accident. If you don’t fight back, this will reduce your claim by the percentage of fault you’re found for.

    So, let’s say you were in an accident, and they claim you were 15 percent at fault. If they succeed, you’ll only receive 85 percent of your compensation. That puts more of the responsibility for your recovery on you, even though you might be unable to work and pay those bills. You’ll need an Illinois personal injury lawyer who can fight back and prove that you weren’t at fault.  

    Speak with an Attorney

    When you’re seriously injured, you’ll need help recovering. Unfortunately, this can be tough to do alone, especially with all the information you need. You’re probably dealing with serious injuries and a lack of experience, so contacting a lawyer from Hipskind & McAninch, LLC should be one of your next steps.

    Starting with a free consult, a lawyer can help you plan your personal injury claim and ensure you’re taking the right steps. You’ll need to protect your claim and act quickly, and a personal injury lawyer can help with that.

    If you’re concerned about your injury claim, reach out to the Illinois attorneys you need. Give us a call at 618-230-3016 or visit us on our website to get started with your free case review.