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Understanding the Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in New

  • In New Mexico and in other states, the law of negligence allows you to submit a personal injury claim when someone else’s careless or reckless actions caused you to be hurt.

    The personal injury laws also expand on many rules with regard to how claims are to be filed, who is liable in certain situations, and how long you have to submit a claim. The time frame that an injured party is given to file a claim for a personal injury is known as the statute of limitations.

    Understanding the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injuries in New Mexico

    Each person who has been injured can only file their claim within a certain amount of time, usually three years from the date of the injury for most injury types in New Mexico, including medical malpractice. If you don’t submit your claim within the designated time frame, you will be forever barred from going after the negligent party for that incident.

    The time frame given to those who’ve been injured by the government is less: only ninety days.

    Are there any exceptions to this time limit? There are always exceptions, but you would need to have a compelling reason for being unable to file your claim within the mandated time limit.

    One exception would be if an injury was not known to you until many years later. For example, if a doctor operated on you and a piece of medical equipment was left inside your body during the operation, you could still sue years later when you found out that the object was there and was causing you injury or illness.

    In a situation like this, the statute of limitations begins running when you should have reasonably learned of the illness, injury, or other medical issue.

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