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Preparing for Criminal Court in Tampa

  • After an arrest, your priority is probably avoiding jail time or reducing your sentence. Reducing the amount of time you’ll be away from your family, job, and responsibilities is important, of course, but how do you go about doing that? The process may involve you going to court—especially if you haven’t teamed up with Hersem Law yet.

    A mistake in court could be costly when you’re facing criminal charges. That’s why it’s so helpful to leave the court appearances to a talented Tampa criminal defense attorney at Hersem Law whenever possible.

    You May Not Have to Go to Court

    Outside of results, one of the biggest benefits Hersem Law can offer potential clients like you is peace of mind and time. We make all court appearances for our clients except for the final hearing or two, depending on how the case is resolved. 

    While the case may last six months, with many court dates along that timeline, our clients will only go to court once we have everything ready for them, and we will have completely gone over the process beforehand so they know exactly what is going to happen when they do appear in court. 

    Less than one percent of all criminal cases go to trial; in your case, we will most likely have negotiated a resolution with the State, which could be for a dismissal or possibly a reduced sentence. Each case is different from the next, of course, so yours may not follow this trajectory to the letter. 

    Many people get nervous about their court appearance, but when you have Hersem Law on your side, you don’t need to worry. Most of the time, you won’t even need to attend court, and when you do have to go to court, we’re going to make sure you know exactly what’s going to happen beforehand.

    Prepare Your Defense with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    When you’re accused of a criminal offense, one of the first things that may come to your mind is your potential court appearances. Most people would like to avoid going to court if possible, and we understand that. That’s why Hersem Law makes as many court appearances on behalf of our clients as possible.

    We understand that preparing for criminal court is complex, and you may not have the right tools for a successful case—on top of being nervous that you will do or say the wrong thing. A qualified and experienced attorney from our firm can appear on your behalf, and if you do have to appear, we can make absolutely sure that you’re as prepared for Tampa criminal court as possible.

    Ready to meet with us? Reach out to schedule a free strategy session with Hersem Law by calling 813-251-7291 or by visiting us online to learn more.