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Understanding Speeding Penalties in Florida

  • When an officer serves you a speeding traffic ticket, it’s crucial to know the penalties you’ll face and the legal options available for your case. 

    To understand all of these, take advantage of the legal expertise of a Tampa traffic ticket lawyer, especially one who offers free initial strategy sessions. 

    The penalties for speeding is one or more of the following, depending on the specifics of your charges. 

    Speeding Ticket Fines

    All traffic violations, including speeding, come with a ticket fine. The amount you’re expected to pay depends on factors like:

    • How many miles above the speed limit you exceeded
    • Whether you have received speeding tickets in the past
    • The county you were driving in
    • Whether you were speeding in a school or construction zone

    While taking a Basic Driver Improvement course can reduce your fines, there’s a more permanent solution in finding an experienced lawyer to help you fight these charges. 

    Drivers License Suspension

    Speeding may also lead to the suspension of your drivers license if you’ve been pulled over several times for traffic offenses. 

    You automatically get three to six points on your driver’s record when charged and convicted of speeding. An accumulation of points, whether from speeding or other moving traffic violations, can take away your right to drive.

    For instance, accumulating 12 points over 12 months will cause a 30-days license suspension.  

    Increased Auto Insurance Premiums

    You might have to pay more for your car insurance cover if you get more points on your record for speeding. Your auto insurance provider will do this because they perceive you as a high-risk driver. 

    Unfortunately, restoring your premiums to the original amount may take years.  

    Can I Go to Jail for Speeding in Florida?

    A speeding ticket is not likely to send you to jail, but extreme conditions or circumstances may carry a sentence. These include driving 50 miles per hour or more above the speed limit, where the court charges you with reckless driving. Another scenario is when the speeding involves other serious offenses like intoxicated driving or causes an accident.  

    Get Help from a Tampa Traffic Ticket Lawyer

    Paying fines may seem like the easiest and fastest solution to a speeding charge, especially if this is your first traffic ticket. Unfortunately, the penalties for speeding in Florida don’t end with a fine. You might pay the price for this many years down the line, including costly car insurance premiums.

    A traffic ticket lawyer can evaluate your case and help in reducing or dismissing speeding charges. To get started, speak with an attorney from Hersem Law by calling 813-251-7291 or visiting our website.