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Understanding Florida's Texting While Driving Laws

  • Chances are good that you’ve been tempted to text and drive once or twice while on the road. Many drivers admit to this dangerous practice, so as texting becomes a more common way to communicate, many states are banning cell phone use behind the wheel.

    Florida is no exception. Drivers are subject to the state’s texting while driving laws, which means you could be facing a ticket for texting and driving. Before you decide whether to fight or pay your texting ticket, however, make sure you understand Florida’s texting while driving laws.

    Florida Law Bans Texting and Driving

    First, it’s important to understand exactly what Florida’s laws ban, so you understand what charges you’re facing and how to fight back. You may already understand that certain activities are banned, but what can you do?

    Remember that Florida bans any texting or data entry. Whether you’re texting, entering an address into your phone’s navigation, or checking a message, you could be pulled over. Any nonverbal communication can lead to a ticket.

    Unfortunately, that ticket can get expensive, too. You’re facing fines already, and you’ll have points on your license if you don’t fight back. Over time, those points build up, and that could mean a license suspension if you receive more than twelve points in twelve months. Because of this, you may need to fight back to get your ticket dismissed.

    Exemptions to Florida’s Texting Law

    Fortunately, there are some cases where texting behind the wheel may be acceptable. In your case, it may be the defense you need to get your ticket dismissed completely.

    For example, you may sometimes use your phones for emergencies. Whether that’s notifying another person of an emergency or receiving notifications about one, checking your messages might actually keep you safe on the road. That’s especially true of notifications from emergency personnel.

    You may also use your phone in situations where you don’t have to manually use it. If your navigation is set or you’re using voice commands, you’re less likely to take your eyes off the road. Since this method is safer, you may not have to worry about a ticket. However, if you were pulled over, you may need to show you were using your phone or other device in an approved way.

    Fight Your Texting and Driving Ticket

    When you’re accused of texting and driving, you might not be familiar with Florida’s laws regarding this. As it becomes clearer that texting and driving is dangerous, however, many states are cracking down on cell phone use behind the wheel.

    As a Florida resident, it’s important to understand your state laws before you take your traffic ticket to court. You’ll need to understand the laws governing your case before you begin. Fortunately, at Hersem Law, we offer free strategy sessions for those fighting their tickets. We’ll review your case and help you find the best defense for your situation.

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