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Getting a Car Accident Report in Brooklyn

  • One of the things you should do after being in a car accident is call 911 to report the crash and request medical assistance. When the police arrive and assess the scene, they’ll draft a report stating things like current weather and road conditions, details of the parties involved, their opinion of what caused the accident, and so on.

    If there's no police response, you’re required to file the report if there were injuries or a fatality, or any property damages exceeding $1,000. 

    Either way, a car accident report is a crucial document when it comes to filing a claim and collecting compensation. How do you obtain one?

    How to Get a Car Accident Report in Brooklyn

    Law enforcement has made it easy for accident victims to obtain their car accident reports by providing several avenues: 


    • Online – The first way you can obtain a police report is by requesting a copy from the Collision Report Retrieval Portal. It’s easy and hassle-free, but you’ll have to pay a small fee and wait for up to seven days before it can be available.
    • In-person – You can also visit the precinct where the accident was reported and obtain the crash report in person. First, download and fill out two copies of the Request for Copy of Collision Record and drop them at the precinct within the first 30 days from the report’s filing. If this period passes, you’ll have to get the report from New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 
    • By Mail – Similar to the process above, you can request and get a car accident report by mail. Simply email the two complete copies above to the precinct where the crash happened within the first 30 days.
    • Your Attorney – Your Brooklyn car accident attorney can also obtain the accident report on your behalf as part of the evidence they’ll use to build a case for compensation. This is the most ideal option, especially if you’re still recovering from the resulting injuries.


    Why Do You Need to Obtain a Car Accident Report?

    Even though a police report cannot be the only basis to prove fault, it informs a lot about the accident by providing a non-biased opinion. An experienced attorney will know how to use the information contained to build a winning case for your claim. 

    Another reason you need to get an accident report is for insurance purposes. While you can still file a claim without a police report, it might be harder to prove what happened and the insurer can use all approaches possible to reduce your claim based on this.

    Get Help from a Car Accident Attorney in Brooklyn

    When you get in touch with a car accident lawyer immediately after a crash, they'll take over all the work your case requires. This includes obtaining a car accident report from relevant authorities as part of the evidence you’ll use to prove fault. 

    Schedule your free consultation today and allow an attorney from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, handle your case by calling 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or visiting their website to learn more.