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Who Can You Hold Responsible for a Motorcycle Accident?

  • Motorcycle riders often sustain serious injuries when involved in an accident. The lack of protective features such as a safety belt and an external cover like that of a car makes it likely for a rider or passenger, to be thrown off the bike, hitting everything in their way. 

    Being hurt like this might mean weeks or months out of work, a damaged motorcycle, high medical bills, and even life-long disabilities. If you believe that the accident was caused by the negligence of another road user or other third parties, you might be able to hold them accountable through a motorcycle accident claim. 


    Drivers are the number one cause of motorcycle crashes. The impact is usually severe because of a car’s bigger size, especially if high speeds are involved. In most of these civil cases, the driver is usually guilty of doing something that contributed to the accident or failing to do something as required of them to maintain road safety.  

    Common forms of driver negligence that might make them liable for your injuries include:

    • Drunk or intoxicated driving
    • Distracted drivers
    • Speeding
    • Failing to check for other cars and bikes when turning
    • Opening car doors without checking for motorcycles
    • And other reckless driving behaviors 

    Another Motorcycle Rider

    Being on the road means watching out not only for drivers but also other motorcycle riders and cyclists. 

    Unfortunately, some riders associate bikes with high speeds and other reckless road behaviors like lane splitting and improper lane changes. Most states require a motorcycle owner to purchase liability insurance. Therefore, if another biker’s carelessness caused an accident and subsequent damages, you may pursue compensation. 

    A Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer or Dealership

    Faulty motorcycle parts can malfunction at any time and cause a wreck. If a manufacturer created the faulty parts and distributed them in the market, they might be liable for your injuries and other damages when an accident occurs. 

    Some dealerships also sell motorcycles with the knowledge of faulty parts; these dealerships can be held accountable in the case of a crash. 

    A Government Entity

    Going against a government agency in a claim can be more complex. You and any other parties involved might need a Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. First, government entities are likely to hire fierce and unwavering legal counsel. Secondly, they might be protected from lawsuits through sovereign immunity.

    A government entity might be responsible if one of the following caused the accident:

    • Poor road conditions like potholes and unevenness
    • Lack of proper or visible road signage
    • Debris and other road hazards, especially near a construction site
    • Lack of proper road lighting, and so on. 

    Speak with a Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Now

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