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What Not to Do in Your Personal Injury Case

  • If you're involved in an accident, your life becomes very stressful. Not only do you worry about your injuries and damages, but you also have to worry about legal matters. Personal injury cases impact your family and work in more ways than you may realize. It's hard to give your full effort to your loved ones or job while dealing with an injury or related financial burden. 

    In this stressful time, it's very easy for you to make plenty of legal mistakes. Below are some tips to avoid losing your injury case and the compensation you deserve.

    Don't Wait Too Late 

    A mistake that many people make is letting time expire for their injury case. All injury cases have a statute of limitations associated with them. Under California law, the time limit in which you can file a claim is usually two years. If you wait too long to seek compensation for your injury, you may lose your opportunity to win compensation for your damages. 

    Don’t Forget to Document Your Case

    The goal of an injury claim is to win compensation for your damages. The way you win your case is by proving that your injuries were the result of the other party's negligence. Gathering evidence is the only way you legitimately prove that the actions of the other party led to your injury. 

    Calling the police and seeking medical attention after your accident may be essential to winning your case. It is also highly advised that you take photos of the scene of the accident and your injuries. Having a detailed timeline of your injuries will only make your case stronger in the courtroom. 

    Without proper documentation of your injury, you'll have a tougher time winning compensation. Even if you know that the accident wasn't your fault, you'll always need to prove your claims against the other party.

    Don’t Rush to Make a Deal

    You deserve full compensation for your damages. Often, insurance companies will attempt to offer you a settlement that is worth way less than you deserve. However, building your case with an attorney’s help can result in more compensation. You can win compensation for non-economic damages like mental trauma, as well as any financial damages. 

    Building your case instead of taking the first settlement offer will increase your chances of winning the amount of money you’re truly owed.

    A Qualified Attorney Can Help

    The lawyers at Custodio & Dubey, LLP have a combined twenty-five years of legal experience. Our team is more than prepared to assist you. No client of ours should have to suffer without receiving compensation. 

    Our law firm stands ready to guide you through your injury case. We will help you build a strong case that will increase your chances of winning compensation. 

    With our client-friendly practices, such as a free initial consultation, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Custodio & Dubey, LLP is eager to help you with all of your legal matters. Call us today at 213-593-9095. You can also reach us at our website.