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What Not to Do in Your Car Accident Case

  • Your drive to work, school, or home could turn devastating in the event of a car accident. Any number of problems could occur on the road and leave you or your loved ones injured. That’s bad enough, but so many victims make the situation worse by making mistakes that harm their insurance claim or lawsuit.

    If you're ever the victim of someone's negligence on the road, you deserve compensation for your damages. However, there are steps and procedures that you must follow to win your compensation. Here’s what not to do in your car accident case.

    Do Not Flee the Scene

    You must never flee the scene of a car accident. Although your adrenaline is high at the time of your accident, fleeing the scene can make you appear liable. You could even be charged with a crime for fleeing the scene. Even if the accident wasn't your fault and you were blindsided by the other driver, leaving the scene of the accident can lower your chance of receiving compensation.

    You should always file a police report so the accident is on record. And call an attorney as soon as possible.

    Do Not Forget to Document the Damages

    In the aftermath of your accident, it’s important to take photos of any damage to your vehicle. Making a detailed report of your damages will make your case even stronger in court. You should also get a medical inspection immediately after your accident. 

    Failure to document your injuries will make receiving compensation more difficult. No matter how small or large your damages are, keeping a record of your accident will make things easier for you and your Los Angeles car accident lawyer

    Do Not Trust Insurance Companies

    When attempting to win compensation for your car accident case, you should not trust the insurance company of the other party. The insurance company wants to pay as little money for your damages as possible. By building a strong case with the help of a car accident attorney, you have the potential to win even more compensation for your damages. 

    Do Not Admit Fault 

    Even if you suspect that your actions played a role in the accident, never admit fault. Insurance companies can and will use your statements against you in an attempt to avoid paying you for your damages. For this reason, you must let the police and your attorney investigate the accident.

    A Qualified Legal Ally

    Insurance companies are determined not to pay you for your damages. We’re prepared to fight them with all we’ve got to make sure they treat you fairly. The lawyers at Custodio & Dubey, LLP will guide you through your car accident case. We’re ready to put our combined twenty-five years of experience to work for you.

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