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Things to Know about Negligence Laws in California

  • When another person has caused you to be injured because of their negligent or careless actions, you have a right to seek damages through the process of submitting an injury claim. People must be held accountable when their actions have caused others to suffer, because you don’t want them to continue the behavior that harmed you.

    Your claim can protect others from injury, and you have a right to be monetarily compensated for what this accident has put you through. The following information is intended to help you to understand California’s negligence laws.

    What Is Negligence?

    Negligence is a legal concept meaning someone can be held liable when their carelessness has caused you to be injured. The law allows you to seek damages from the person who harmed you.

    How Long Does an Injury Victim Have to File a Claim in CA?

    In the state of California, you are given two years from the date of your injury accident to submit a claim for damages. If you don’t file your claim within the time frame given to you, you’ll be barred from seeking damages further down the line.

    One exception to this time frame, which is known as a statute of limitations, is if you were unaware of your injury. In that event, you should submit your claim as soon as you become aware of your injury, because you only have one year to file after learning of your injury.

    What Is Comparative Fault in California?

    Many people wonder if they can file a claim if they were somewhat responsible for the accident that injured them. You can still submit a claim as long as you weren’t the person who was mostly to blame for the accident.

    For instance, if you are involved in a car accident and you were considered 10 percent at fault for the accident, you can still seek damages from the other responsible party.

    Get in Touch with a California Personal Injury Lawyer

    Filing an injury claim can be an overwhelming prospect, especially if you are attempting it on your own. You can obtain legal assistance with your California claim using a personal injury lawyer, which can greatly reduce your stress over the process and can help ensure that you receive the best case outcome possible.

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