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Long-Term Impacts of a Criminal Conviction

  • When you’ve been accused of a crime, especially a misdemeanor, you may be tempted to avoid a long trial and just plead guilty. The penalties may not sound so bad, or maybe you don’t believe you have a chance to avoid the penalties being leveled against you. 

    The problem is, a criminal conviction can continue to haunt your future even after your dept to society is “paid”. It can be a lifetime of dealing with the aftermath of your conviction. Because of this, you need to know the penalties before you accept anything. Here are just a few of the long-term consequences you may face if you’re convicted of a crime. 

    Employment Opportunities 

    If you accept a misdemeanor or felony conviction, that offense goes on your criminal record. It can be difficult or, in many cases, impossible to remove that conviction from your record. Now, that conviction will show up whenever someone performs a background check on you. 

    Unfortunately, that can impact your ability to get a job in your field. Employers will see the conviction, and in many cases, they may choose not to hire you. 

    Housing Options 

    The same problem applies to housing. You may have found your dream house, or at least your dream apartment. It’s close to your workplace, it’s convenient, and rent is affordable. 

    But landlords, renters, and banks also perform background checks, and a conviction may be enough to get your application denied. That may leave you settling for a worse option, relying on family for housing, or even being homeless for some time. 

    Child Custody and Visitation 

    A criminal conviction can tear apart a family, too. Let’s say you have a child, and your spouse wants a divorce. You may believe you’re the more fit parent, or you may even be worried about the safety of your child. 

    But the judge may see your criminal record, and that may sway their decision. You may lose custody or other parental rights because of a criminal conviction. Without a Chicago law firm to help you fight the conviction, it can be tough to get your life under control again. 

    Impacts to your Citizenship

    If you’re not a US citizen, a criminal conviction can be devastating. Even a misdemeanor may be used as grounds to deport you, refuse to renew your visa, or deny you citizenship. That hurts you and your family. This can lead to separation between you and your family, as well as other serious situations. Even if the charges don’t sound serious, they can have lasting impacts. 

    Avoid a Criminal Conviction with a Lawyer 

    An accusation of a crime can hurt your future, take away your opportunities, and make your life harder than ever. That’s a difficult situation, and it’s one you may need guidance on. If you’ve been accused of breaking the lawyer, your lawyer at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ will work doggedly to win you a favorable outcome. We have the tools you need to prepare for the courtroom and will fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed as soon as possible. 

    Ready to fight back and avoid those criminal charges? Reach out for a consultation. Give us a call at 312-931-5411, or visit our website for more options to contact us.