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Can Depression Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

  • Your mental health is what drives you throughout your lifetime. Everything that makes you unique and appreciative of life itself is a result of your mental health. Your outlook on life depends on your mental health. When someone causes you severe bodily harm, their reckless actions negatively impact your mental health. 

    Not only will you suffer from your physical injuries, but there are countless ways that your way of life will be interrupted or even destroyed. This kind of suffering commonly leads to depression in the wake of an accident.

    Depression is a mental illness plaguing countless lives throughout America and around the world. While you can treat your depression with medication, therapy sessions, and lifestyle changes, there is no guarantee that you'll permanently rid yourself of it. 

    When it comes to seeking compensation for your damages, depression is a valid form of pain and suffering and can be compensated as such. Speaking with a Charlotte personal injury lawyer will begin your path toward compensation. 

    Identifying Whether Depression Is a Factor in Your Personal Injury Claim

    While you should always seek a mental health evaluation from a trained therapist, there are ways to tell if your accident impacted your mental and emotional health. Many of the signs of depression are clear after an accident. 

    For instance, if you find yourself anxious over situations that you weren't worried about before your accident, more than likely, you're suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. PTSD can lead to depression and a variety of other mental health issues. 

    Depression itself is something that slowly destroys your inner peace and happiness. It can result from multiple events common to accident survivors, such as breaking your arm or losing your economic status. 

    The causes of depression are almost infinite, but the result is almost always the same. A sense of hopelessness and lack of happiness cripples most people who suffer from the impacts of depression. 

    How Depression Factors into Your Injury Claim

    Determining the value of your mental health is no easy task. While there is no monetary amount that compares to your happiness, you deserve compensation when someone damages your mental health. Depression falls under the category of non-economic damages in a personal injury claim, and a lawyer has the tools to put a dollar amount on non-economic damages.

    To include losses related to depression within the total value of your claim, you'll have to describe how your depression has negatively hurt your way of life. For example, if you were the victim of a slip and fall incident, you could not only receive compensation for your physical damages but any emotional distress from your accident, as well.

    Documenting your therapy sessions and mental health evaluations is key to proving that your depression was the result of your accident or was worsened by the accident. 

    Speak with a Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney

    The Nye Law Group understands how depression can severely impact your way of life. Suffering from depression is something that ruins a sense of purpose and general happiness. While insurance companies will ignore your emotional distress, our experienced attorneys will fight for your compensation. You deserve compensation for your mental anguish. 

    The Nye Law Group can help you document your mental and emotional damages. Our lawyers will walk you through the injury claim process and help you understand the basics of an injury claim case. To speak with one of our Charlotte personal injury lawyers, call 704-285-6319. You can also reach us on our website for more information.