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Most-Common Mistakes People Make When Filing Personal Injury Cl

  • When you experience an injury that was the fault of someone else, you deserve compensation. Depending on the severity of your damages, the incident could negatively impact your way of life forever. Many Georgia residents turn to a Savannah personal injury lawyer when they require legal representation for their injury case. 

    However, victims in personal injury cases will sometimes make mistakes that severely cost them. Many of the mistakes are often easily avoidable. To avoid ruining your chances of winning compensation for your damages, it’s smart to avoid the following common mistakes.

    Failing to Report Their Accident

    For whatever reason, many victims in personal injury cases will either forget or refuse to report their accident. The aftermath of an accident is an intense moment that leaves many people confused. However, you should always report your accident even if you're not necessarily angry with the other party. 

    Having an official statement is key to building your case and giving credibility to your injury claim. Without an official police report to show, your injury claim turns into a matter of your word against the other party's. Without any witnesses, this is especially true and makes receiving compensation even more difficult. 

    Not Seeking Medical Attention Right Away

    Sometimes you don't feel the effects of an injury until much later. To avoid having insurance companies question if your injury was the result of their client’s actions, you should always seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. 

    Your mental health is also another important aspect that you must not overlook in your injury claim. You can receive compensation for any emotional distress that stems from your accident. Receiving a mental evaluation is another excellent source of evidence that the accident is interrupting your way of life. 

    Although insurance companies will ignore your mental health when making you a settlement offer, you deserve compensation for your mental and emotional anguish, and you can get it when you win a personal injury claim.

    Waiting Too Late to File Their Injury Claim

    Georgia features a statute of limitations that is two years from the date of your injury. While this seems like a huge amount of time, a lot of people allow this time period to expire and lose out on their chance to win compensation. 

    The aftermath of a personal injury is a chaotic period. Not only are you juggling your injury along with any other related obligations, but you also have to maintain your everyday responsibilities when you can. 

    While it's understandable to put off filing your injury claim, you must not wait too long. The longer you wait to obtain your compensation, the more difficult it is for you to win your injury claim case. 

    Avoid These Mistakes and Others with Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

    The Nye Law Group is here to ensure that you don't make the same mistakes that countless others have in their injury claims. Our experienced attorneys have your best interests in mind and will guide through the confusing process of filing a personal injury claim in Georgia. 

    To speak with one of our Savannah personal injury attorneys, call us at 912-200-5230. You can also visit our website for more tips about personal injury cases.