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Safety Tips to Help You Avoid an Accident

  • Your chances of experiencing a car accident are disturbingly high. Everyday activities like driving your children to school or taking your work route feature the high chance of experiencing a car accident. While this reality is terrifying, to say the least, you don't have to be fearful of driving your vehicle. There are simple driving tips you can use to help avoid a devastating car accident.

    Do Not Practice Distracted Driving 

    Distracted driving includes the act of using your phone or radio or giving your attention to anything else besides the road while driving. Attempting to eat that last bite of your jelly donut could cost you your life. While this tip seems like an obvious rule to follow, many car accidents and auto deaths are the result of distracted driving. 

    Even experienced drivers can fall victim to this and can experience an accident because they couldn’t wait to check a notification from their favorite social media application, for example. 

    You should always choose your favorite songs and choose the best route to your destination before your road trip begins. Ignoring your phone is also another tactic that you should practice while operating your vehicle. 

    Do Not Tailgate Other Vehicles

    Under no circumstances should you tailgate another vehicle. Tailgating is the act of riding too close to the rear of another vehicle. Driving too close behind another car puts both of you at risk of experiencing a car accident. Tailgating is dangerous because if the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops or makes a sharp turn, you're extremely at risk of rear-ending the other driver’s car. 

    The resulting impact could cause injuries or worse. You're also immediately at fault when you cause an accident by tailgating another vehicle. Many drivers are unaware of when they're tailgating and are simply daydreaming or getting caught up in push-and-shove traffic patterns.

    Regardless, you should never tailgate in any situation, because you put yourself at risk of crashing into another vehicle. 

    Do Not Ignore Traffic Signs

    You should always follow traffic signs at all times. From a yield sign to a stop light and everything in between, you should always respect all traffic signs you encounter. Neglecting traffic signs is one of the easiest ways to have a roadside accident. 

    Traffic signs are designed to make traveling on our roadways as easy and straightforward as possible. Without traffic signs, simple roadway procedures become confusing matters. When you ignore traffic signs, you put not only yourself at risk of having an accident but also other motorists. 

    Speak with a Savannah Car Accident Attorney

    Sometimes, no matter how careful you are on the roadway, neglectful drivers will still cause you significant damages. When an accident like this happens, you may require the assistance of a Savannah car accident lawyer because of someone's reckless driving. 

    The Nye Law Group may be able to help you win compensation for your damages. No matter your questions or concerns regarding your case, our lawyers want you to feel informed and empowered. To speak with one of our car accident lawyers, call 912-200-5230. Visit our website for more information about auto accident cases in Georgia.