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Top Trends in Legal Outsourcing for Global Law Firms

  • The legal process outsourcing market is expected to show strong growth. The Graphical Research's growth forecasts that for the next five years the legal process outsourcing (LPO) market will increase by 34 percent. The global market is $ 4,550 million for 2019, the size of this scale, will increase by $ 2,400 million by 2024. The future of the legal outsourcing is promising as you can see; many companies are using legal outsourcing services to optimize their operations while benefiting from increased costs-effectiveness.


    The growing demand for litigation outsourcing by the industry is due to the growing demand for document editors, such as standard contracts, client letters, agreements, patent applications and others. Legal billing activities, including billing, schedules and more are gaining importance in the market. The litigation process is in great demand in the market, since it allows the company to analyze and understand the requirements and processes of the client.


    Growing applications, such as enterprise software offerings, such as portal websites, collaboration and document management markets, are also one of the driving factors that led to high usage of these services. Companies that offer Legal Support Services are working on to provide high quality services to their clients.


    Check out the infographic sharing the main trends in legal outsourcing: 


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