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How the Denver Traffic Point System Works for Speeding Tickets

  • Speeding is a serious traffic violation that can carry up to a one-year jail term, depending on how fast you were driving. 

    When a police officer pulls you over and charges you for speeding, they’ll give you a ticket with a court appearance date. If you feel like the speeding ticket was unfairly issued, you can contest the charges when you appear in court. This is best done with the support of a Denver speeding ticket lawyer who understands the laws and possible defenses for your particular situation.

    If you choose not to contest the speeding ticket, you’ll be pleading guilty to a moving traffic violation. This automatically adds a certain number of points to your driver’s record or license, depending on your speed and other factors. 

    Denver Point System for Speeding Violations

    Just like most areas, Denver’s point system assigns a point or more to every moving traffic offense you’re convicted of. The number of points for each violation depends on the severity of your charge.

    For speeding tickets, if you were driving anywhere between 5 and 9 miles per hour over the limit and plead guilty, one point goes on your driver’s record. Driving between 10 and 19 miles per hour past the limit gets you four points, while a speed of 20 to 39 miles per hour over gets you 6 more points on your record.

    Remember, accumulating too many points might spell disaster for your driving privileges and car insurance policy.   

    Consequences of Having Too Many Points on Your License

    Most drivers don’t know that you can defend speeding ticket charges to avoid more points on your record. Learning some of the things that might happen when you plead guilty to a speeding charge shows you why you need to contest the ticket.  

    • License Suspension – Having too many points on your record, especially over a short period of time, can lead to the suspension of your drivers license. Reinstating it might require you to attend a compulsory driver retraining program at your own cost.
    • High Car Insurance Premiums – Insurance companies have their own point system as well, but the changes are dictated by the number of points on your driver’s record. For each point in the latter, the insurer might hike your monthly premiums up, say, $20.  
    • Higher Fines or Jail Time – When you plead guilty to a speeding ticket, the most likely punishment is fines and traffic points. However, if you’ve received a lot of tickets over a certain period, you might receive up to a one-year jail term as well. 

    Find Out How a Denver Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Defend You

    Have you recently received a speeding ticket that you believe was unwarranted or unfairly charged? Talk with a Denver speeding ticket lawyer about your case. At Justice for Colorado, we focus on helping drivers keep their drivers’ records clean by defending such ticket charges. 

    To speak with an attorney, call us at 303-647-9691 or browse our website to learn more about speeding ticket defenses.