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Injury Attorney Referral - Ventura, CA

  • A Personal Injury Attorney You Can Trust With Your Case

    Were you injured in an automobile accident? Were you bitten by a dog or injured in a slip and fall incident? Chances are that you have a case on your hands and we are the attorneys that can help. A personal injury attorney from our team will fight for you and with you. With our help, you can get the justice that you deserve for your accident.

    The Services We Provide

    Injury Attorney Referral is a law firm that specializes in personal injury lawyer referral services in order to help our clients. We can represent you in cases that involve the following: accidents, personal injuries, slip and falls, auto accidents, as well as dog bite incidents. Our services pagecan provide you with additional information.


    Injury Attorney Referral is a professional personal injury attorney firm that specializes in providing our clients with quality services and representation. As a firm, our goal is to help our clients beat their case and get the justice that they deserve after their accident. No matter how big or small the injury is, we are on your side and willing to help.

    How We Do It

    Each one of our accident injury lawyers is licensed with the California State Bar which means that we are experienced for the job. We are devoted to helping our clients with their injury case and we will do what it takes to represent them in a court of law. Our team in Ventura, CA has the experience and will power to fight for what is right.

    Accident Injury Lawyers

    A Professional Service

    Our company has been in business in Ventura, CA since 1966 and we have a team of professional lawyers who are widely experienced. With a personal injury attorney, you can stand up for what you deserve and have us on your side. Injury Attorney Referral is the law firm you can trust for injury representation.