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When Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

  • A car accident that causes you injuries and/or property damage may result in personal injury claim. A personal injury claim is a complicated, nerve-racking and time-consuming venture for most individuals who are familiar with the legal system. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, may be wondering if you need to hire a New Jersey car accident lawyer or handle your case yourself. The answer really depends on numerous factors such as negligence and injuries sustained. Here is a guide to determine when to hire a New Jersey car accident lawyer. 


    You Must Prove or Dispute Fault in Your Car Accident 


    Car accident fault is typically an issue in a personal injury claim. Each party involved in the car accident usually claims the other driver was at fault. Whether you receive compensation for your injuries often depend on your ability to prove the other driver actually caused the car accident. 


    Proving you weren’t at fault means gathering evidence and effectively proving the case. Keep in mind that you are proving your side either to your insurance company, the other driver’s attorney or in court. This is where you need to hire a car accident lawyer. If you fail to prove your side, you risk losing your case and not getting any money for your property damage and/or physical injuries. 


    Proving a car accident wasn’t your fault and become more complicated when the accident involves a special type of vehicle such as commercial truck, multiple vehicles or pedestrians. A New York car accident lawyer is trained to navigate through these complex legal issues and get you the money you deserve. 


    You Need Money for Damages or Sustained Injuries 


    You usually don’t need a car accident lawyer if you weren’t seriously hurt in your car accident and you don’t have vehicle damage. In these situations, most people are comfortable filing their own claims. However, you can always hire a lawyer to assist you with filing the claim and getting compensation. 


    A car accident involving serious physical injuries or significant vehicle damage requires the help of a car accident lawyer. Your damages typically involve more than lost wages, medical expenses and vehicle repair. You’ll sue for non-economic compensation such as pain and suffering and diminished quality of life. 


    You have Out of Pocket Car Accident Expenses and Limits of Your Insurance Policy 


    Sometimes a victim of a car accident must recover out-of-pocket expenses without the help of their car insurance company. In this situation, you need a personal injury lawyer. Another reason to hire a lawyer involves the at-fault party not having auto insurance. 


    You Need Assistance Navigating and Negotiating Claims


    You’re a legal expert or a lawyer. Thus, it’s important to have someone with that type of experience and legal knowledge representing you. A car accident lawyer knows how to negotiate an out-of-court settlement and discuss your claim with your car insurance company. 


    Contact a New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer for Help with Your Car Accident Claim 


    Car accident lawyers are legal professionals. They are experienced with New Jersey laws such as the state's statute of limitations. In addition, car accident lawyers know how to protect your legal rights, whether they are representing you in or outside of court.