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Roads to Avoid in Texas

  • When it comes to factors impacting which roads you might want to avoid while driving, some of the first to stand out might include those with the most car accidents or traffic or dangerous features, such as potholes. 

    Another way of looking at the question is by assessing which roads have the most congestion. This issue is one that has been written about in various Texas media outlets, but if you combined their findings, you could come up with a clearer picture of which roads to avoid. 

    Read on to see the results of our findings—and don’t forget to call an Austin car accident lawyer if you get in a wreck.

    Which Roads Have the Most Congestion in Texas?

    Leaving such questions as road safety and aside, these are some of the roads to avoid in Texas if you’re worried about congestion and traffic accidents according to a Texas A&M University study:


    • IH-35 – The stretch of IH-35 between US 290W/SH71/Ben White Boulevard and US 290E in Austin is actually the most congested roadway in the entire state, racking up an impressive 1,647,353 annual hours of delay per mile and generating an annual cost of $288,349,730 in congestion. 
    • IH-610 W Between IH-10/US 90 and IH-69/US 59 – This stretch of highway in Houston narrowly misses out on being the most congested in the state, with over 1.5 million hours of delay per mile annually. 
    • IH-69/US 59 Between IH-610 West and SH 288 – Houston claims three of the top-five spots on our list. This length of roadway in Harris County comes in third, registering 1.2 million annual hours of delay per mile and many millions more in congestion costs. 
    • SS 366 between US 75 and N. Beckley Avenue – Dallas, not to be missed in this list, registers the fourth most congested roadway in the state along this stretch of state route 366. And with 1.1 million hours of waiting per mile per year, Dallas residents prone to driving this stretch have little reason to gloat over similarly-impacted commuters in Austin and Houston. 
    • Eastex Freeway Between IH-10/US 90 and SH 288 – Rounding out our top-five is this length of Houston highway, which generates just north of a million annual hours of delay per mile and an annual congestion cost $67 million. 


    Wherever you live in Texas, congestion is a killer of efficiency. But tacking on minutes to your daily commute is only one of the concerns you’ll face with congestion, as jam-packed highways are usually ripe for costly collisions and accidents. 

    Reach Out to a Car Accident Lawyer in Austin

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