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Roads to Avoid in Texas

  • Some roads in Texas carry a greater risk for drivers. This may be due to poor road design, greater traffic congestion, construction activity, or a variety of other reasons. It is useful to know which roads carry a higher risk so you can avoid these when possible.

    Texas is home to several industries which contribute significantly to the state’s economy. Unfortunately, this also means there are more trucks and heavy vehicles operating on state roads. Highways with more heavy traffic such as big rigs pose a higher risk of accidents compared to those with low traffic volume.

    Here is a look at the most dangerous roads in Texas and the common road hazards which exist on these routes.

    The Most Dangerous Roads in Texas

    The Interstate 35

    I-35 has frequently been declared as among the most dangerous roads in Texas. This 400-mile route has seen a huge number of accidents due to traffic congestion, construction sites, and distracted driving.

    The Interstate 10

    More than 600 traffic-related deaths occurred on I-10 from 2010 to 2016. This makes it one of the high-risk roads in Texas you would want to avoid. Speeding, congestion, and reckless driving are some of the contributing factors in I-10 crashes.

    The Interstate 45

    I-45 was once considered the most dangerous highway across the United States. This was due to an exceptionally high number of accidents that took place on this route. The highway connects Dallas and Galveston. Traffic accidents frequently take place on this road due to drunk driving, speeding, and distracted driving.

     US 285

    The U.S.-285 is known as the ‘Death Highway.’ It connects Texas oilfields to the Permian Basin. This road is notorious for the high volume of heavy traffic, particularly 18-wheelers hauling cargo. The heavily-loaded trucks, poor road conditions, distracted driving, and driver fatigue are common causes of accidents on U.S.-285.

    Common Road Hazards in Texas

    The roads listed above are among the most high-risk routes in Texas. Following are some of the common hazards you may face when traveling on these roads:

    • Road Conditions – Poor road conditions are a leading factor of accidents on the aforementioned roads. Authorities are often unable to upgrade and develop the roads to keep up with traffic trends. This may turn a given route into a high-risk zone for drivers.
    • Construction – Even when roads are being upgraded, there is a need for construction sites to exist along the roadway. This creates bottlenecks, traffic congestion, and a new set of risks. You must watch your rear when slowing down for a construction site on the roadway.
    • Distracted Driving – Texting, taking phone calls, browsing the internet, or otherwise using the phone are some of the most common forms of distractions for drivers. They also frequently contribute to crashes.
    • Drunk Driving – Drunk driving remains a major cause of accidents across the U.S. This is true for the Texas highways listed above as well.

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