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Am I Eligible for Workers Comp for a Related Illness?

  • If you’ve ever fallen off a ladder, were injured by faulty machinery, or just slipped and fell on a wet floor, you may already be aware you’re eligible for workers compensation when you’re hurt. But what if you’re sick? Many people suffer serious work-related illnesses, only to worry they won’t receive the benefits they need for their illness. 

    You may have grounds for a workers comp claim for your illness. Reach out to a workers comp lawyer if you’re unsure whether your illness counts. 

    Sick on the Job 

    When you’ve developed an illness because of your job, you may have grounds for benefits. Many jobs may expose workers to unsafe conditions that may cause illness. Even the most careful miner may be exposed to coat dust, asbestos, and other harmful substances. A doctor may come into contact with contaminated blood or used syringes. 

    In both of these cases, you may suffer a serious, long-term illness caused by your workplace. You may not have been exposed to certain diseases outside of your employment. Now, you may be suffering because of this exposure. 

    Not Every Illness Means Benefits 

    Of course, there are some diseases that your workers comp benefits may not cover. While work-related illnesses may be covered, that doesn’t mean any illness you contracted at work counts. For example, one of your coworkers may have spread the flu around your office. But you may have also caught the flu from an ill shopper at the grocery store, or even from your own family. 

    Likewise, many health conditions may not count unless you can prove the condition is work related. For example, you may have suffered a heart attack on the job. In many cases, heart disease is a genetic condition or brought about by your lifestyle. In these cases, you may have no grounds for a lawsuit. But if you believe your illness was caused by the stress of your job, your lawyer may be able to help. 

    Your First Steps to Workers Comp Benefits 

    Once you believe you have grounds for a workers comp claim, you and your Virginia workers comp attorney can help you get started on your claim. If you’ve been denied, your lawyer can help you speak with your doctor to learn more about your condition and get any evidence you need for your claim. 

    Once you’ve gathered all the information you need, you and your lawyer can take your claim to a formal hearing. There, you and your lawyer will present your evidence before the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, and they’ll decide whether you’ll receive your workers comp benefits. 

    Getting Compensated for a Work Illness

    Getting sick on the job can leave you and your family without the funds you need to survive. Luckily, you have options to get compensated, even if you’ve been denied before. To begin, reach out to the lawyers at Pathfinder Injury Law for a free consultation. We can be reached by calling 804-505-0633 or by checking out our website to learn more.