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When Does a Criminal Case Become a Federal Case?

  • When you're accused of a crime, it's one thing for your case to be handled by the state. But the charges against you may be more severe. Now, you’re facing federal criminal charges, which may be more difficult to fight. So when does a serious criminal case become a federal one?

    If you're not sure whether your case will be tried in the state or federal system, reach out to a defense attorney for federal crimes. Your lawyer can help you determine the type of charges against you and help you build the best defense when you take your case to court.

    What Is a Federal Crime?

    When you're facing state laws, you're typically dealing with crimes on the state level. This may be, for example, theft charges from shoplifting at a local store. Criminal offenses that can be handled at the state level.

    Federal crimes are, as the name suggests, handled at the federal or national level. This system covers crimes that impact the nation as a whole, or cross state lines.

    For example, a drug-related crime may typically be handled by the state where the crime occurred. But, if the crimes involved drugs being trafficked across state lines, then it's no longer the issue of a single state. From there, it becomes a federal crime.

    Prosecution in a Federal Court

    When you're accused of a crime on the federal level, you may be facing investigation from a federal agency, like the FBI or ICE. Because of this, you're not dealing with the typical police response you may expect following an arrest. You may instead be heading to a federal court, where punishments and sentencing can be more severe. 

    What Can a Lawyer Do?

    When you're accused of a federal crime, you may need to act fast to avoid facing devastating consequences. A federal conviction can come with harsh penalties that will change the course of your life. 

    If you're struggling to prove you're not guilty, an experienced lawyer can help you gather evidence, utilize expert testimony, and for fortify your tailor-made defense. Whether reducing your sentence to the minimum, or getting the charges dismissed completely a work with a dedicated federal crimes lawyer to build the strongest defense possible to protect your future.

    Speak to a Lawyer About Your Federal Charges

    If you're facing federal charges for a crime, escaping culpability won't be easy. You're dealing with government law enforcement, harsh penalties, and a lack of experience that could land you in a lot of trouble.

    The experts from The Chetson Firm can remove some of the pressure when you're defending your future. We can handle the details so you can focus on your life. If you're struggling to avoid harsh penalties and a long sentence, reach out for help. We offer consultations when you call 919-352-9411 or when you visit us online for more information.